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Episode starts with Farah Khan entering the stage. She welcome audience and inform Salman’s flight is being delayed thus she will host the show. Farah shows the highlight of the last night episode. Karan and Tejasswi share a talk about Vishal keeping the latter his priority. He question Tejasswi why she didn’t tell him before about Vishal. Tejasswi asks Karan why he is getting affected. Karan says she is keeping in dark. Karan asks Tejasswi to stop showing attitude. Tejasswi defends herself. Karan hugs Tejasswi later.

There, Devoleena and Karan talk with each other. Devoleena says Rashami affects her. Karan suggest to communicate and clear the misunderstanding. Devoleena and Rashami patch up. Nishant says genuine friends patch up but fake ones don’t take the initiative.

Devoleena and Rashami patch up.

Rakhi asks Rashami to talk with Ritesh about his personal life. Rashami asks Rakhi about the issue. Rakhi says she fear Ritesh’s wife might file a case. Rashami asks Rakhi how she found Ritesh. She asks Rakhi to enjoy and not to take tension.

On the stage; Farah talks about Rakhi securing her place in finale week. She meet inmates. Inmates gets happy seeing Farah. Farah tell to housemates that Salman is fed up of them thus she is hosting the episode for them. She alert Umar, Devoleena, Pratik and Rajiv not to overlap the talk. Farah asks inmates to show some respect to guests.

Farah calls Karan ‘Devdas’ and says she regret placing him on 1st position. She also highlight ‘Tejasswi’ for not playing. Farah question Shamita for always showing ‘aggression’. She further asks Pratik to stop interfering in everyone’s matter.

Farah asks Nishant why he betrays his own friends. She asks Develeena and Rashami about their friendship as they keep b*t*hing about each other. Inmates try to clarify. Farah don’t let anyone speak. She further suggest Karan and Tejasswi to play individually.

Further, Farah performs a ‘Jail task with inmates. She asks inmates to discuss upon the name who messed the house last week. Farah adds the one who will go in the jail won’t be able to perform race to finale tasks.

Inmates discuss upon the name. Abhijit, Rakhi, Shamita, Ritesh decide upon Rashami’s name. Karan, Umar, Tejasswi, Rashami decide upon Rajiv and Pratik’s name. Farah asks inmates to tell the name. Rashami takes Devoleena’s name. Devoleena says Rashami’s real face is revealed in front of her. Both argues with each other. Later, everyone send Rashami to the jail post the discussion. Rashami tries to clarify still majority vote against Rashami and send her jail.

Farah send Rashami to the jail. She gives advantage to Rashami to take a part in finale tasks. Shamita tries to change her vote but Farah don’t let her. Farah says Rashami was not the right person to send to the jail.

Ahead, Farah starts fan session. One fan asks Tejasswi why Karan has a problem when she tries to play her again. Tejasswi denies that her relationship with Karan is toxic. Farah asks Tejasswi and Karan to play individually as it is high time. Tejasswi vows to play individually.

Second fan says Tejasswi is only playing for Karan. She calls Tejasswi a weakest contender. Farah claim Tejasswi play her game. Tejasswi says she is playing her own game.

Fan asks Pratik when he claim others get physical but what when he too does the same. Pratik clarified to the fan. Farah advice Pratik to let go.

Fan asks Rakhi not to bring content out of joke as Abhijit was joking. Abhijit thanks fan for supporting him.

Farah alerts Ritesh for disrespecting Rakhi. She asks Rakhi not to bear Ritesh’s aggression towards her. Rakhi promise to Farah that she will not take Ritesh.

Fan ask Umar why he keeps ruining Tejasswi’s game. Umar explains he don’t understand Tejasswi sometimes. Later, Devoleena cries for trusting Rashami. She calls Rashami manipulative and liar. Rashami and Devoleena argues with each other. Rashami calls Devoleena opportunist.

Episode ends.

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