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Bigg Boss 15 23rd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Press Conference:
The reporter asks Abhijeet if he will be rude to Salman also? Abhijeet says you are twisting my words. The reporter says you say twisted words that’s why. She asks him to stop talking now. She asks Devo if she will confront Vishal about his sympathy card? Devo says he is playing a man card, he misbehaves and then acts like he is from a poor background.
A reporter asks Abhijeet how can he say that this show is small? Abhjeet says I just mentioned that my bigger dream is to become the Prime Minister.
A reporter asks Rashami how will she control her anger? Rashami says I don’t want to cross the line and get nominated.
A reporter asks who will they make an alliance with in the house? Devo says I am going with my alliance in the house. I will see how things work out. Rashami says if someone is nice to me then I will be nice to them. Abhijeet says I will make a team with Devo-Rashami.
A reporter asks Abhijeet if he can break Rakhi and Bhau’s entertainment level? Abhijeet says you can’t compare me with them because I have a dream of becoming Prime Minister. Rashami says don’t say that, Rakhi is a big star. Everyone knows who is Rakhi Sawant and Bhau is a very nice man. I am very lucky that I am going in the house with you. Abhijeet says Rakhi is like my sister, just hear me out. Rashami says we are.

Bigg Boss thanks the reporters for coming to the show and doing the press conference.

In the house:
10 PM
Rajiv tells Shamita that Vishal can be your friend but don’t call him your brother, he can’t keep saying these things for you. Neha tells Shamita that he keeps praising Tejasswi but he insults you. Rajiv says I am really angry for him calling you ‘maal’.
Vishal tells Karan that why Shamita keeps reacting like that? Karan says she didn’t know about these things. Vishal says if Jay pushes me again then I will hit him. I don’t care anymore. Tejasswi says why would we need to make a fake relationship? Karan says reporters said that. I don’t care about that. Vishal tells Karan that ‘maal’ is a common word. Tejasswi says you can’t me a maal. It’s extremely objectifying a girl. Vishal says it’s like a song tu cheez hai badi mast mast. Tejasswi says don’t say it, I will lose it. Vishal says I am talking about the song. Tejasswi says that time is gone, we are at this age so don’t call me that. Karan says he was joking.

11:15 PM
Karan asks Shamita why didn’t you confront Vishal before? You must have seen things when you went out. Shamita says I saw your reaction to Vishal’s words. Thank you. Karan says I didn’t like when he was happy to see Raqesh go.

Tejasswi tells Vishal that you can’t keep everyone happy. Vishal says you are right. Tejasswi asks him to do what his heart wants.
Vishal tells Umar to look at his friends’ intentions. Umar says my family wouldn’t like me being called a donkey. Tejasswi says Karan has always helped you in the game. Umar says I am thinking about my game.
Karan tells Shamita that I don’t want Umar to follow me or anything like that.

1:15 PM
Tejasswi hugs Karan on the bed and says I missed you. She says Umar is not happy with you.

2:30 am
Vishal tells Shamita that I promise not to cheat anyone in this house, I promise you. I will remember this, just have faith in me. Shamita hugs him. Vishal says you are a good maal. Shamita says stop it. Vishal says I am sorry, Raqesh will understand that I was just joking.

Day 52
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song. They all dance.

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