Bigg Boss 15 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 15 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 53
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song I will be alright. They all dance. Neha hugs Shamita and dances. Vishal says my closest friend is Tejasswi, he hugs her and says I will start my new day with my friend.

8:45 am
Shamita tells Neha that I felt bad when you told Rajiv that he is doing all this for TRP. Neha says I just felt he is picking fights for no reason. Shamita says you told him in front of everyone. Neha says Rajiv is confusing me, if he has a problem with me then he can talk to me directly.

9:30 am
Rajiv tells Umar that Neha didn’t talk to me at all after last night. I am not brainless, I am a businessman so I know what I can do and what I can’t. Umar says Neha is like Miesha, she wanted to be cordial with all boys and have one special boy. Rajiv says I am very hurt by Neha’s behavior.

10 am
Neha asks Rajiv if he is angry with her? Rajiv says yes, you said I am doing all this for TRP. Neha says I was saying this to everyone, I was with you this whole week and I supported you. Rajiv says I felt bad about your behavior. Neha says you are spending time with Umar now so I am a bad person? I just felt that you want to stand up for yourself all of a sudden which doesn’t look natural. Rajiv says Pratik has been irritating me, I kept ignoring him but he was acting like I am his slave so I blasted at him yesterday.

11 am
Tejasswi tells Vishal that the top 5 have 3 OTT members. Vishal says this show is becoming all about OTT. It looks like we are not doing good. Umar says all BB15 members are leaving one by one but OTT members are still here. Vishal says they become one when it comes to fights. Karan says they were never called out for that. Tejasswi says they have a unity that can’t be broken. Karan says they fight with each other but then they become one when it comes to others. Neha fought with Pratik but she still said she would take Pratik’s side always.

11:15 am
Neha tells Karan that Pratik has a clean heart so he says things without a filter. Umar says what he said to Rajiv was wrong. Neha says Rajiv talks to everyone so they all blame Pratik. Karan says but Pratik should think before speaking.

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