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Bigg Boss 15 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 61
3 PM
Nishant tells Shamita that let’s go and have tea in the VIP room. Umar tells Rakhi that I won’t wash your personal dishes from now on, you people blatantly cheated today. Rakhi says don’t threaten us. Nishant says let’s have tea in the VIP room. Umar, Karan and Nishant go and sit in the VIP room. Umar tells Ritesh that we won’t do your personal work from now on. Rakhi says you are breaking rules. Umar says we are deserving to win the trophy. Rakhi says they even stole your food, what kind of VIPs are we? Shamita comes there and sits with Karan. Devo angrily leaves from there. Nishant says we are the real inmates who deserve to win. Ritesh tells Rakhi to let them do it, they will get punished. Karan brings VIPs food and shares it with his team members. He gives them pastries. Pratik comes there and says eats too. Rakhi says I want to eat too. Ritesh says don’t do it Rakhi. He asks Umar to go away from her. Umar says she wants to eat it. Rakhi says I won’t.

3:45 pm
Tejasswi sits in the VIP room with her inmates. Karan tells Tejasswi that you can follow the rules, I will do what I have to do here. Tejasswi says I can’t stop making food. I can’t deny them food. Nishant says I will take their orders now.

Umar throws clothes on VIPs beds. Devo comes there and throws everything on the floor, she says don’t mess with me guys. Pratik says don’t do all this. Devo says Umar had messed our beds so I did the same. Abhijeet says I will start cursing now. Ritesh asks who did it? Rashami comes to the VIP room and tells everyone that you can’t go on that level. Umar says I did it but I just threw the bedsheet. Abhijeet says you threw away my personal stuff also. Pratik says you all are stooping too low. Umar brings Abhijeet to his bed and says I didn’t touch your bedsheet. Umar tells Rakhi that we will retaliate if you keep cheating.

Karan, Umar and Nishant start cleaning Pratik’s bed. Nishant taunts that we will show humanity now. Pratik says stop taunting me.

4 PM
Nishant tells Shamita they want us to work in the house, if we stop working in the house then it’s wrong for us also. Rakhi asks Nishant to clean the dustbin, Pratik is asking. Nishant says I don’t have to take orders from him.

5 PM
Tejasswi asks Karan if I am making food for someone then how am I playing a game? I am just making the basic food, Pratik is doing extra for them but I am not. Karan says Pratik has totally changed, I don’t know this Pratik but you are following him also, why do you want to cook for them? Tejasswi says I just make a one-time meal, I can’t deny food to someone. You people can remove me from the kitchen duty so I don’t have that guilt of keeping someone hungry.

5:45 pm
Umar tells Pratik that you wanted to wash your personal dishes when you were VIPs but you are working for them and cleaning their dishes? Why did you change your stance? Pratik says because we played wrongly as VIPs. Umar says so you want them to remain VIPs till the end? Pratik says no but I won’t do anything unfairly. Umar says I want to become a VIP but what are you doing to become a VIP?

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