Bigg Boss 15 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 15 9th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 68
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song. They all dance.

8:45 am
Rashami tells Tejasswi that Rakhi, Devo and Nishant have been planning something. I tried to talk to Devo but she was not clearing things.

Nishant tells Shamita that I don’t want to support anyone from the VIPs. I wanted to support Rakhi but she does her own thing, I don’t trust Devo. Shamita says I want to make Rakhi the winner. She says let’s not depend on Rajiv as he is upset with Umar.

Tejasswi tells Rashami that Karan is playing with Nishant, Pratik and Shamita. I don’t know what Karan and Umar think. They feel I am planning with Nishant and Pratik.

9:15 am
Tejasswi goes to Karan, he asks her to stop being angry. Tejasswi looks away. Karan hugs her tightly and says stop it now. Rashami asks them to stop it. Karan kisses Tejasswi’s nose and says stop it. He leaves from there.

10 am
Abhijeet tells Ritesh to not hear Rashami anymore.

10:30 am
Rajiv, Rakhi and Devo do laughing therapy. Shamita tells Tejasswi that I have a medical condition but they are making me wash the dishes. Karan says I didn’t know about your medical condition. Shamita says Bigg Boss sent a note for my condition. She leaves from there. Tejasswi says she is hurt that Karan questioned her. Karan says you are not talking to me. Tejasswi says you have other options in the house to talk to.

11:15 am
Karan asks Tejasswi what’s her problem with Shamita? Tejasswi says if you are discussing plans with others and not me then I would be angry. Karan says I don’t think we are on the same page when it comes to being each other’s strengths. He says you can play with Nishant and Praitk. I don’t want our personal relationship to be affected, I know you planned with Nishant. Tejasswi says you removed me from the task which hurt me. Karan says we have proved that we are weak in this relationship.

11:30 am
Rashami tells Devo that I don’t attack you, you can’t see that other VIPs keep attacking me, I take your side but if I am making friends here then it’s not wrong. I don’t talk behind your back like you do. Devo says you have chosen the other side, we can see it. Rashami says you people keep separating me from the group. Devo says you have chosen the other side, just accept that you are playing safe. Rashami says you are getting used by the VIPs. Devo says if you trust our friendship then why do you keep questioning me? Rashami says I don’t run away as Rakhi does. She tells Rakhi that you keep manipulating Devo. Rakhi says you sit in the corners with Umar to make plans and flirt. Umar says Rakhi you keep planning with Nishant and Pratik. Devo tells Pratik that we have not cornered Rashami but she has chosen the other side. Rakhi tells Rashami that you are cheap.

11:45 am
Shamita tells Rashami that we should talk about the main problem. Rashami says I tried to talk to Devo but she never clears things with me. Shamita says don’t talk about who is cheap or not. Rashami says Rakhi said that I sit in the corners with guys to plan and flirt. Rakhi laughs at her and says you keep attacking people behind their backs. Umar asks Rakhi to be careful about her words. Rakhi says I don’t use anyone in the house.

12:15 PM
Umar tells Rashami that Rakhi and Pratik keep interfering in others’ fights. Rashami says Rakhi keeps passing cheap comments on me. Umar says why do you involve me in every fight? Rashami says because Rakhi questioned me that I sit with you all the time. Umar says then you should answer her back.
Shamita tells Rakhi to eliminate Rashami from the task.

12:30 PM
Devo asks Shamita if Rashami said something about Umar? Shamita says Rakhi said she flirts with Umar. She asks Devo to clear it with Pratik. Pratik says Rashami tried to convince Rakhi to eliminate Devo’s name. Rajiv says Rashami didn’t do that.

1 PM
Rakhi says Rashami wanted me to eliminate Devo from the task. Devo says if I go crazy then I will get the task rejected.
Umar asks Rashami what is Devo doing? Rashami says she is going crazy as no one is playing with her. Umar says Devo was a fool to think she will have power till the end. Rashami says it’s good that I know Devo’s stance now.

Abhijeet tells Ritesh that Rakhi should listen to me.

1:45 PM
Karan tells sorry to Tejasswi and says I keep trying to talk to you. Tejasswi says okay. Karan says you made such bad food because you were angry with me? Tejasswi laughs.

2:15 pm
Devo sings so Abhijeet winks at her. Devo laughs and says he is winking at me. Abhijeet says no, I didn’t wink at you.

3:15 pm
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the task will start again. Abhijeet and Ritesh are eliminated but they will be judges in the task.

The buzzer plays

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