Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Nupur learns Mini’s plan

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur asking Milind to talk in the school, ask them to treat the kids differently. Milind says I already spoke to them, they said they will judge Chiku on her behavior and performance, don’t worry. She says its good, it will be happy thing when the girls go to school. He asks her to sleep now. She kisses Mini. They sleep. Mini opens her eyes and says I won’t let Chiku get the admission. Its morning, Kamini also goes with the girls for the admission. She fools Chiku.

Mini goes for the interview. She gets the admission. Everyone gets happy. Nupur asks Chiku to go now. Milind explains Chiku that its her turn now. They wish Chiku all the best. Chiku goes to the principal. She behaves weird and shows her karate skills. Principal asks her to sit. Chiku says I’m very strong, see. Principal asks her to stop it. Chiku breaks the things. Nupur saks what’s happening inside. Chiku asks principal to do karate with her. Milind says maybe Chiku is showing her dance talents. Nupur says yes, she dances so well, she will get the admission. Principal brings Chiku out and says her admission can’t happen here, take her back. Mini and Kamini smile. Principal says she has created a storm inside. She tells everything. Nupur says there is some misunderstanding, she isn’t such, really sorry, give her one chance, I will talk to her. Principal says no way, I won’t give her admission and won’t recommend her anywhere, teach her how to behave with the public, take her back. Kamini says we all did a lot for her, we can’t ruin our kids’ future because of this girl. Nupur says we thought to send Chiku and Payal to the same school. Milind says we should prepare her for the interview first. They look for Chiku. Chiku goes to the principal. She asks her to leave. She apologizes to her and says Kamini and Mini told me to do such things to impress you. She cries. Principal calms down and tells about the three monkeys, they ask us to not see, talk or hear bad. Chiku says Payal did bad with me, please take me in this school. Principal says sorry, I have sent the final list. Chiku says its okay, just forgive me, don’t get upset with Nupur and Milind, its all my mistake. Principal says I have to go to classroom, ask Nupur to get admission in another school, don’t do these things again. He comes out with the principal. Nupur asks how did you go there.

At home, Chiku tells everything to Shashi. She says I spoiled my good luck already. Mini says yes, that’s why you are an outsider and I m this house’s daughter, see my new uniform. She makes fun of Chiku. Nupur comes. She says I doubted you there itself, you have done too wrong, how can you think of this, I explained you, if you do wrong with someone, then good doesn’t happen with you, why did you do this. Mini throws the uniform and asks why do you always take her side, why. She argues a lot. Nupur asks what problem do you have. Mini says you just love her, not me. Nupur says no one can take your place, try to understand. Mini says Chiku is doing wrong. Nupur says she didn’t do anything, you ruined her admission, I m hurt, how can my daughter keep such a thinking. She cries.

Aai says we will send Chiku to the boarding school. Mini insults Chiku and says I will be living here as Payal. Chiku cry.

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