Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Rangoli steals the jewellery

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Chiku saying she loved the clothes, and especially the silk cloth. She says I feel rich, I will grow up, earn hard and make silk clothes for myself. Kamini asks Nupur to come for puja. They decorate the idols with the jewellery. Kamini thinks you will be mourning about this puja. Everyone does the puja. Milind and Nupur see Chiku and call her for the puja. Rangoli comes home. Chiku does the aarti with everyone. Kamini and Nupur take the jewelery back and keep in the locker. Chiku entertains everyone. She says I have seen it for the first time, how a family celebrates Diwali, I want to thank Nupur and Milind in my style, happy Diwali. She asks Aarav and Nivaan to help her. She shows Milind and Nupur’s pics and tells their love story. The kids perform. [Also Read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahima learns about the confusion]

Chiku tells about Nupur’s smile and dance, which are very special. Chiku comes as Nupur, and dances on the stage on Aaja nachle….. Milind and Nupur smile. Rangoli thinks I have to trust Kamini and go ahead. Kamini sees the time. Chiku says Milind and Nupur met, and their love story started. Everyone claps. Rangoli looks for the locker. Milind and Nupur see their old pics. Chiku recreates their old moments of love proposal. Rangoli says something is wrong, I find this house similar. Kamini catches her. She asks what. Rangoli says you scared me. Kamini says if anyone sees you then… Rangoli says I won’t get caught, I was finding the locker room. Kamini says I gave you a map, refer that. Rangoli says I didn’t understand. Kamini says that’s Aai’s room, go there, don’t forget the passcode. Rangoli says I remember, I think I know this house. Kamini says forget it, focus on work. Chiku says Milind and Nupur got married. Chiku and Aarav dance. Milind and Nupur get emotional. Rangoli enters Aai’s room. She sees the locker. She opens it and smiles. Chiku says picture is not over. She takes Nupur and Milind on the stage. Milind and Nupur dance on a romantic song. Khamooshiyaan….plays….

Everyone claps. Rangoli says Kamini could have stolen everything herself. She says he world’s treasure is here. Nivaan asks everyone to get ready for his solo performance, Dancer Chiku has trained him. He performs on Disco deewane…. He takes the elders for dance. Kamini smiles. She asks Chiku to get her phone from the locker room. She says I want to click the dance pics. Chiku goes. Rangoli takes the cash also. Kamini says I forgot to give medicines to dad. Nivaan asks her to come for dance. Aai says I will go and get it. Kamini says our real Diwali will start now, get ready. Aai goes to her room.

Nupur scolds Chiku for stealing Payal’s jewellery. She ousts Chiku. Chiku cry. She says I will find my real mum.

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