Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Hira gets caught

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 12th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chiku going to the kitchen to find out the evidence to help Nupur. Tai gets angry and scolds her. She sends away Chiku. Chiku thinks to come back once everyone sleeps. Kamini says its good Nupur got arrested, those parents got angry on her, we can throw out Chiku also, once we get a hearing date. Lawyer says we got a hearing date, we will try to get the bail. Nupur signs the papers. Milind says police isn’t believing us about Hira Amma. Lawyer says you might get jailed for at least 7 years, I will try my best to save you. Aai asks Mini to sleep, she might be missing mum. Mini says no, I got unwell because of her. Tai says she is saying right, its good Nupur isn’t here. Aai defends Chiku. She says Chiku is also ill. Tai argues. Mini says tell me some story, I will sleep. Milind signs Aai and goes.

Chiku says Nupur would have made chocolates here. Vinod comes. He asks are you hungry. She says no, I came to take some water. He goes. Chiku thinks. She asks Vinod did he eat those chocolates. He says yes. She says you didn’t get unwell. He says yes. She asks what did you do. He says I packed the box and took it to the car, Nupur was there. Chiku thinks someone added poison outside the house, at the school, who added it. She goes to the school to check. She sees some shadow. Its morning, Nupur comes for the court hearing. She hears the parents scolding her. Hira says your game is over now. The lawyer says Nupur is accused to kill the kids, she should be strictly punished. Nupur’s lawyer defends her. The hearing goes on. Nupur says its a blame on me, I m innocent, I didn’t add any poison in the chocolates. Lawyer asks her to present the evidence, else get ready to get punished. Hira says you will be going to jail no.

Chiku comes there and asks everyone to take chocolates. She says don’t worry, I made the chocolates the same way as Nupur made, I didn’t add the poison as she didn’t add. Lawyer asks who is this girl to come here and waste time. Chiku asks him not to get angry and have a chocolate. She says I have proof, it can prove that Nupur didn’t do wrong. Chiku recalls Milind coming to her. He says I knew it, you won’t sit quiet until you prove Nupur innocent, Hira did this. Chiku says I m sure we have to find some proof. They look for some proof. She gets the poison bottle. He gets the chocolates box. FB ends.

Chiku shows the poison bottle in the court. Milind smiles. Chiku says this bottle doesn’t have Nupur’s fingerprints. Judge asks whose fingerprints does it have. Hira thinks to run away before they know she did it. She starts running. The door gets shut. Everyone turns and sees Hira. Chiku says listen to me first, where are you going. She recalls getting the bottle checked for fingerprints. It matches with Hira’s fingerprints. Inspector says the fingerprints aren’t of Nupur. Nupur and Milind smile. Inspector says sorry, you were innocent, Hira did this, we will prove this in court, please come. Nupur thanks her. She hugs Chiku. Inspector says we set you free, you can go, sorry. Nupur says but I don’t want to go now. Inspector asks why. Nupur says we have to catch Hira, I will not leave her this time. Milind smiles. FB ends. Hira gets caught. Nupur says I was sure that Hira will come here to see me getting punished, so we had to do this drama, she is the real culprit, she fell into her own trap. Chiku smiles.

Nupur says congrats Hira to get jailed, truth always comes out. Hira asks what about the lie you are living, you can’t see the truth in front of you, I know who are Chiku’s parents, and also your Payal’s truth.

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