Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Good news for Chiku

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chiku getting sad and stopping Chiku. She stops Chiku and hugs her. Kamini shouts at her. Aai asks Kamini to calm down. Kamini asks what happened, why did you stop Chiku, did you get any minister’s call. Nupur says I got a call from an officer. Subodh asks what did she do now to stain our name. Nupur says no, she made us proud, she is getting awarded by the government for her brave act to save the kids, they invited all of us. Kamini thinks she won’t go now. Aai and Milind congratulate Chiku. Mini makes fun of Chiku. Kamini says we will send her away some how. She says we won’t let Nupur stop Chiku again. The man scolds Hira and asks her to do the work, if she wants to save herself from Shera bhai. Hira sees Chiku’s pic on the newspaper. She says she is getting an award, I will give her an award now and make her pay for my loss. Chiku asks will all the kids come there. Nupur says calm down, they will come.

Chiku says you will come with me, else I will not take the award, is that a gold award, is anyone else getting late. Mini says you are lucky to get this award, I gave the diary idea to her, why am I not getting this award. Milind says you should be happy to get your real parents because of her. Nupur says you should say thanks to her. Chiku says its fine, she found her parents on her own. Chiku handles her. Mini also acts sweet. She asks Chiku to call her Payal, not Mini. Kamini thinks she is slowly learning things. Nupur says I will call the designer and select a dress for Chiku, and also for Payal. Aai says get designer clothes for everyone. Milind says that’s a good idea. Nupur says fine. Mini sees the designer clothes.

She says I will not leave any dress now, their life is so luxurious. Nupur asks Payal to buy anything she wants. Milind and Nupur see her and laugh. Mini argues with the man. Kamini makes a face. Chiku says I don’t want to buy, it will be costly. Nupur says I will be glad to buy clothes for two, select just two dresses, for your award function and interview. Chiku says I will take it from the station market. Nupur says we will go there later, select it from here now, for my sake. Chiku says okay. Nupur shows a dress. Kamini says she always pleases Nupur, go to Nupur. Mini asks Nupur to help her in shopping. Nupur asks Chiku to select it as she wants. Chiku dreams of Nupur and her happy life. Mini snatches the bag from her, and breaks it. She leaves the broken bag with Chiku. The man scolds Chiku. He asks who are you, where are your parents. Nupur and Milind come. Nupur says we are here, what happened, tell me. The man says sorry, I didn’t know she is your daughter. Nupur scolds him and says she isn’t my daughter, just like my daughter. Milind says we can pay for the loss. Nupur asks the man to just go, they won’t buy anything. The man apologizes and says I am ready to apologize to the girl also. Nupur asks him to go. She asks Payal to return her clothes. Milind says just leave. Mini gets angry.

Nupur says that man was misbehaving. Milind says we will buy from some other shop, what’s the problem. Mini says just go, I’m angry. Nupur says don’t get angry on us, you are our most lovely daughter. Mini says Chiku is no one to me, not even a servant, make her out. Milind says you should be thankful to Chiku, your mum’s life got saved, you met us because of her. Nupur says yes, we have a duty towards her. Mini says no, we won’t go in her award function. She goes.

Chiku gets ready and comes. Everyone compliments her. Aai gets black kajal to apply to Chiku. She says I always like her and find her lovely, I wish she didn’t do that robbery thing. Milind says its okay, she did much good for us. Aai says yes. Mini looks on. Chiku smiles.

Chiku meets Shashi and talks to him. She says I m very happy, I will become a good daughter for my mum, right. The men come to take Chiku’s interview. They ask Mini to call Chiku, they have come from the award committee. Mini smiles and says Chiku doesn’t stay here.

Mini stops Nupur from going on stage with Chiku. She locks Nupur. Nupur shouts. Chiku is called on the stage to receive the award. Mini smiles.

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