Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mini hurts Chiku

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini and Mini fooling the men that Chiku doesn’t stay there. Kamini says there is no Nupur and Chiku here. The man says sorry, maybe we got a wrong address. Kamini says now Chiku won’t get any award. Nupur says Payal… Kamini asks did she get to know. Nupur asks did anyone come. Kamini says no, the salesman had come to sell non stick. Nupur asks why didn’t the award interviewers come. She calls the man. He says we didn’t see you there, we were leaving. Nupur goes out and welcomes them. The man says just know they both met me and said Chiku doesn’t stay here. Nupur asks what is all this, answers me. Kamini says ask me, I will see, they didn’t show any ID, how will I know they are officers. Nupur says you think a lot. She says sorry Sir, please come. She introduces Chiku. Chiku sits.

The men congratulate Chiku. Chiku gives the interview. She says I will invite all my friends. The man says they are already coming. Chiku dances happily and hugs Nupur. Nupur and Chiku go out to see off the officers. Hira looks on and thinks I will not leave you both. The dirty mud falls over her face. Chiku says I will invite the puppet show Kaka, total 25 people. Aai says you forgot us. Chiku say no, you all have to come. They all tease Chiku. Chiku dances for them and invites them in the function. Kamini says I will vent her anger on you. Subodh says don’t get upset.

Everyone dances with Chiku. Mini gets angry and pushes Chiku down. Nupur and Milind hold Chiku. Nupur asks are you fine. She asks why did you push Chiku. She scolds Mini and asks her to go to her room. Mini goes to the room. She gets angry. Kamini comes there and says I asked you to control your mind, you have no sense, don’t know what you think of yourself, this house wanted their Payal, I gave you a chance to become Payal, you did a foul, go to them and apologize. She warns Mini. Nupur hugs Aai and cries. She asks what wrong am I doing, I don’t understand, its impossible to reform Payal, I had thought to love her a lot. Aai says good mum isnt one to agree with the child, one has to show the difference between right and wrong, you never lost till now. Nupur says I m always with her, why is she possessive.

Aai says when she understands the mistake, she will come to say sorry. Mini comes and says sorry, forgive me, sing a lullaby for me. Nupur says no. Mini sings. Nupur smiles and says its okay, I have to explain you one thing, no need to feel jealous of Chiku, we like Chiku but we love you the most. She hugs Mini. They go to Chiku. Mini says sorry Chiku, I got angry that time, I love my mummy a lot. She hugs Chiku. Nupur says play now, I have to prepare for the function. She goes. Mini asks Chiku not to believe her, she said that to show Nupur. Chiku says you don’t love them, but the money, Nupur will know it that you aren’t her daughter. Mini says you are challenging me. Chiku says yes, this will happen tomorrow, she will come on stage and I will get the award. Mini says I won’t let her join you on stage. Nupur says Chiku will get the award tomorrow, I feel scared, don’t know why. Hira is outside at the tea stall. The man says its a shooting star, make a wish. Hira says I snatch things whatever I want, I will get Chiku. Chiku prays that Mini loses the challenge. Nupur also prays.

Chiku says I won’t take the award if you don’t come. Nupur says I promise, I will come. Mini locks Nupur in a classroom. Nupur shouts and says how shall I go out now. Chiku is called on the stage.

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