Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Chiku meets Rangoli

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hira singing a song. She feeds a betel to Rangoli. She scares her. Rangoli spits the betel hearing about poison. Hira says I’m joking, you got scared, I have raised you. Rangoli says you really scared me. Hira says I taught all the kids not to get scared, better die, how can I kill you, I have imp work with you, I want imp information from you, I will settle old scores later. Rangoli thinks what info does she want. Hira says I had to stay away for 7 years because of you, I am not killing you, I will forgive you if you give me info. Rangoli asks whose information do you want. Hira says Payal Joshi. Rangoli recalls Nupur. She thinks why is she asking about Payal.

Hira says you kidnapped a 3 year old girl Payal Joshi, Milind and Nupur’s daughter, I want her address right away, will you get it. Milind asks Nupur to stop. Nupur falls down the stairs. He holds her. She says let me go and find Payal. He says your foot is hurt, you get fine first, I will come with you. She says you are a liar, you accepted that Payal is dead, I won’t accept this, you always take the easy way, I will fight, Payal would be waiting for me. He says police has checked the site, Payal is dead. She says she is alive, let me go please. He says you don’t hurt yourself, try to understand, leave this hope now. Nupur says sit here and mourn, do anything, I will go and meet Payal. He cries.

Aai says calm down Nupur. Nupur prays to Bappa. She says you always listen to those who believe you, return me my Payal. She cries. She says I will find her and show everyone that she is alive. Milind gets a jug of water. He throws at Nupur’s face. He says she is not alive, she is dead. Nupur says I will go to Payal and find her. He sits crying. Chiku says I want that diary before Hira comes. Rangoli asks what will you do knowing about the girl. Hira says you acted smart, I got to shut my business, but I came back and my fate turned good, Payal’s parents came to meet me and offered me money, I can forgive you, I want Payal’s address, I will give you a commission . Rangoli thinks Hira can never spare her enemies, when I tell her the address, she will kill me. Hira says you won’t get such a chance again.

Rangoli says I will tell you about Payal, I have raised her, I don’t know where is she, she cheated me and ran away, but don’t worry, I will find her out, I will ask my men to find her , give me 5 days, I will get her. Hira says I know you will do this. She scares Rangoli. She says just 5 days, but you will stay here. Rangoli asks how will I find her then. The goon locks Rangoli. Hira says I will leave you if you do my work, else I will kill you, think where is my lottery ticket. She goes. Rangoli gets angry. Chiku comes to Hira’s room. She sees the chest. She checks and doesn’t get the diary. Hira comes singing. Chiku hides inside the chest. Hira gets the diary. Chiku looks on. Hira goes to the chest. She turns away and goes from some secret door. Chiku says which is this door inside that wall, I should go out from here. She runs away. She comes to some room. She falls and sees Rangoli there. Rangoli asks what are you doing here, you were enjoying as Nupur’s daughter, right, why did you come back. Chiku says I had to come here because of you. She cries.

Rangoli says give me a chance, I will fix everything. Chiku says you are lying. Rangoli says I know your mummy’s name, Nupur Joshi, show this locket to her, she will understand that you are her Payal. Chiku cry.

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