Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Milind teaches Chiku

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 9th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mini saying I’m troubled by Nupur and Chiku. Kamini says I will see them, don’t spoil my plan, you are Nupur’s daughter now, you have to become better than Chiku, then Nupur won’t have a reason to go to Chiku. Chiku cries and talks to Shashi. She asks does Nupur still love me, would she forgive me, will she give me another chance. He nodes. Kamini says Nupur should be just with you, Payal. Chiku says I want to become good and make Nupur proud, I know every parents have a dream to make children study well, nobody wants a daughter like me, I want to learn to read and write. He nodes. He asks her to take the books. She gets a book from the cabinet. Aarav and Nivaan come. She says I will learn it some way. They joke on her. She says I know the alphabets, I will learn if anyone teaches me. They say you can’t learn in this age. Nivaan asks her to write her name first. She goes.

Milind sees Chiku trying to write an alphabet. He asks what are you doing. She says sorry, I was writing my name, Aarav and Nivaan said I have to learn my name first. He thinks Nupur wanted to send you to school if that robbery incident didn’t happen. She asks are you angry. He asks don’t you have a pen, paper and slate to write. She says no, did I write right, K. He says yes, but your name doesn’t start with it. He writes her name and shows her. She asks is this my name. He says you can write if you try. She says Aarav and Nivaan said one can’t learn in this age. He says no, there is no age to study, there should be just a will. She says I have much will. He asks her to try. She writes her name and jumps happily. He smiles. He goes to talk to Nupur about her. He says I m also worried for her, like you are worried. She says I have forgotten the past, we have to think of future. He says good, I want to think of something for her future, I want her to study and make a living, we will get her admitted in the same school where we got Payal admitted. She says I was thinking the same, I got two admission forms. Kamini asks what. Nupur says we will get the girls admitted in the same school. Chiku thanks Bappa.

Kamini says this girl won’t go to school with our kids, why do you want to waste money on her. Milind says its right usage of the money. He argues with Kamini and Subodh. Kamini asks Aai to say something. Aai says they are right, we do a lot of charity, its a noble deed, Shashi and I will pay the fees for her. Chiku hugs her and says I love you. Aai recalls the theft and goes. Kamini asks Mini to stop Chiku’s admission in her school. Chiku goes to pray. She says I have to make my parents proud. Nupur and Mini come. Mini says Chiku, your mummy would be missing you, she would be happy to get you. Nupur says yes, I will prepare you both for the interview. She tells them how to answer the principal. Mini says I know reading and writing. Chiku says I don’t know anything. Nupur says don’t worry, I will prepare you. Mini says teach me first. Nupur says they will ask what’s your life’s goal. Chiku says my entire life is round. Mini laughs. Nupur asks Chiku to say it well. Mini says the goal of my life is to become a doctor. Nupur hugs her. Chiku claps. Mini says you will get us insulted there. Nupur asks her not to say this. Chiku says she is right. Nupur says no one will laugh on me. Mini says we will go and sleep now. Nupur says wait, let me talk to Chiku. She asks Chiku to take rest now. Chiku says I am not prepared for the interview. Nupur asks her to speak from her heart, the interview will go fine. Mini takes Nupur with her.

Aai says we can send Chiku to the boarding school. Mini says they are sending you away, you can study there, don’t come back ever, I will stay here as Payal, I will get their love. Chiku cry.

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