Choti Sardarni 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher boards the flight

Choti Sardarni 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kulwant is about to open the door. The guard says this si emn washroom please go out. He comes in and locks it. Seher says why were you in gent’s toilet? Kulwant says someone was threatening Omkar. The kids sit in the car. Kulwant says I will drive it. You get off. The person says you can’t. Kulwant says I wanna ride it. She takes the shuttle from him. The hijackers walk past them. Kids are happy. They say we had so much fun. Seher says where is Kitty? Kitu is with a girl. She says I am pregnant. I am Rema. I am going to Jamu. My family is there. I am going there alone. Have chips. Seher says thanks. She asks where is your husband? Seher is silent.

Scene 2
The prisoners ask an old man to wash their clothes. They are about to hit him. Rajveer stops them. He says I will break your hands. They try to hit him. A constable comes. He stops them. He says you’ve such a big heart. Rajveer says but it’s broken.

Rema says where is your husband? Isn’t he traveling with you? Husbands are very caring. My husband makes almond milk for me. Seher reaclls how Rajveer used to take care of her. The boarding starts.

The hijackers plan the hijacking to take the plane across the border. They say there is a VIP in this plane too. She’s CM’s DIL Seher Kaur Babbar. We will have to kill one person to create fear.

Scene 3
The prisoners bully Rajveer. they say you are CM’s brother? Didn’t she get you out? We heard you murdered your wife’s lover. Rajveer hits them. The constables come and stop them. Rajveer says don’t say a word about my wife.

Rema asks Seher are you okay? She says yes. Rema says have this lemon sweet. You will be okay. Rema says I hope your husband comes back soon. Pregnancy makes you need your husband more. Kulwant settles down with the kids. Bunty says the plane will go in air. We will see from the sky. The hijackers come to the plane as well. They see Seher. Seher helps an old man with his luggage. He fights with his wife over the window seat. His wife says yes I will sit at the window seat. Seher smiles looking at them. She misses Rajveer. A girl says to Omkar what are you doing here with your dirty seat? This is business class. Seher says buy class with your money first. Is that how you speak to kids? Kulwant says stay in your limits. Kulwant asks where is her seat? She says this plane isnt right. The buses have numbers written behind them. He writes it for her.

The flight takes off. The kids are excited. The kids get scared when the plane starts flying. Seher plays bhajan for the kids. They hold each other’s hands. Kulwant holds Seher’s hand and says when you’re sad think about the life in you. A mother’s strength is the most important. the hijackers recall their plan about Seher.

Episode ends.

Precap-The kids dance in the flight with Seher. The hijackers take out their guns and say this plane is in our control now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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