Daadi And Rano’s Plan To Red Handedly Catch Titli

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Titli visits Rajni and Inder’s cafe. They excitedly welcome her and ask about Ishan. She says he is busy in an online meeting and starts badmouthing about their cafeteria and savories. They don’t get angry at all. She finally gives up and asks if they don’t feel bad at all. They turn even hatred into love and love each other and would like to stay together. She remembers Badimaa saying same. Deva’s goons barge in and demand hafta/ransom. Titli hides her face. Rani explains they are goons who demand weekly ransom or else will break cafe furniture. Titli acts as afraid and silently leaves.

At Kashyap house, Daadi gets adamant that she is sure Titli stole from their house. Ishika says Ishan’s girlfriend can never be a thief. Dadi says she is. Inder jokes. On the other side, Titli hears Deva bhai’s goons discussing that they will collect extra ransom from cafe and will not inform Deva bhai. She warns them to not visit cafe again and collect extra ransom from somewhere else instead. They ask reason. She says its her personal issue. They say she never befriends anyone, then how did she change. She scolds and shoos them and away and thinks if she is really liking Kashyaps.

Ishan notices Disha leaving house without having breakfast and informs Badimaa. Badimaa gives her breakfast. Ishan says Disha would thank him later as she will not get hungry at school. She jokes he will get hiccups. Ishan then informs Rano to take out his best shirt as he going for a dinner date with Titli today, before that to a movie, and before that will visit home. Rano informs Badimaa who praises Ishan’s progress and says she will prepare something for Titli. Inder asks her not to as he cannot tolerate Titli criticizing her dishes. Family drama continues. Rano says Ishan must be knowing Titli has done something wrong, so he is protecting her too much. Ishika and Badimaa deny that. Rano tells Daadi that they should catch Titli stealing something and prove that she is not right for Ishan. Daadi says they will keep silver article in front of Titli and let her steal it.

Precap: Badimaa tells Dadaji that Ishan’s happiness is important to her. Daadi sends Titli to Rajni’s room and thinks they will catch her red handed stealing silver article.

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