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The Episode starts with Deepika calling the rehab to get Vikrant’s updates. Cedric takes the call and says I own and run this facility. Deepika asks do we know each other. He says no, why. She asks about Vikrant. He says you mean, Dr. Vikrant Saxena, he is cooperating with us, he is my old friend, detox will complete next week, I will take care of her. Deepika thanks him. Cedric asks the man not to give medicines to Vikrant, he will manage. Abhay presents Tony’s case to Vinayak. He tells the heart treatment process. Ashwin nods. He says you did your homework well. Abhay says I m assisting in heart transplant, I m really excited. Vinayak says you aren’t assisting me in any surgery, you aren’t ready to enter the OT.

Abhay says sorry, but why, I m fully prepared for the surgery. Vinayak says there is a big difference in a doctor and a surgeon, you know theory, you should be smart to become a surgeon, you are nowhere a surgeon, you can study hard, if you have no courage and confidence, then this knowledge is useless, your dad has made you a coward, else you could have become something. Abhay says my ex dad didn’t make me anything, because he left me and my mum, he ran away, he had no guts and courage to keep responsibilities, my mum had raised me alone, she has the courage to raise me alone, I m my mum’s son, she has given me courage, so I can ignore your opinion, I will become the best surgeon soon, I don’t need to assist you, you note what I told you. He goes. Vinayak smiles. Abhay looks for Chakravorty. He finds Chakravorty fallen on the ground. Deepika runs to see. Abhay checks Chakravorty. Deepika asks what happened to him. Vinayak tells the condition. He says we have to replace his heart valve. Chakravorty says I didn’t know this. She says you are a cardiac surgeon, how don’t you know. Vinayak says that’s why, doctors don’t treat themselves. He introduces himself. Deepika recalls Abhay’s words. She says you will be doing this surgery right. He says I m already running late for other surgery scheduled. She asks who will do Chakravorty’s surgery. He says he needs a transplant in four hours, I m sure there are other cardiac surgeons also. Ashwin says we don’t have the valve for replacement surgery right now, it will take some days. Vinayak says we don’t have much time, my colleague will operate on Chakravorty, he should get shifted to MJ hospital. Deepika says I will come with you. Chakravorty says no, you can’t leave from the hospital.

Deepika says no, my junior doctors will handle. A serious case comes. He says you are needed here. Deepika asks Abhay to go with Chakravorty. She goes to check the patient. Vikrant worries. Ismail comes. Vikrant asks for a dose. Ismail says you have to detox, I can’t give you medicines. Vikrant says I m a doctor, its impossible, I know Cedric is taking revenge on me. He falls. He asks Ismail to let him make a call. Ismail gives his phone. Vikrant thanks him. He recalls Deepika’s number and calls her. He leaves an audio message. He says Cedric is taking revenge on me, they aren’t giving me medicines, please come and take me. Deepika is with her team. Ansari says if Vikrant was here, then he would have handled this case. Abhay checks Chakravorty. He says there is fluid accumulating near the heart, heart can fail. He worries. They are on the way to the hospital.

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