Dhadkan 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Deepika operates Girija

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The Episode starts with Abhay telling sister Jenny that he is not leaving in some time. She asks him to go and rest. He says I’m here until I get to know about Deepika. He leaves his phone on charging and goes. Jigna calls him. His phone vibrates on silent mode. Mathew says I have got a heart attack. Abhay checks and says it has happened in your stomach. A patient cries a lot. Ansari comes and talks to Jenny. Deepika checks Mathew. Abhay updates about the patient. Abhay talks to the other hospital sister and asks about Deepika. Abhay’s mum comes to the hospital in an injured state. She falls down. Deepika sees her and attends. Abhay goes to check his phone. He says 10 missed calls. He calls back Jigna. Jigna says your mum went somewhere. He asks how can she go. Peroz says she may have forgotten the way. Abhay asks how was her mood, where did she go. Some time back, Abhay’s mum is seen crossing the road. Abhay says Jigna was saying that she went to wish her husband on his birthday. Deepika is with her mum. Sia checks the lady patient. Deepika treats Abhay’s mum.

Deepika asks Abhay’s mum to get calm. Abhay’s mum says call Vinay, he is my husband. Deepika says Vinayak is the best cardiac doctor of the city, call him here. Malvi tai goes to Jenny and asks her to call Vinayak to the hospital. Abhay hears this and goes to see his mum. He gets shocked seeing her and says Aai. Deepika looks on.

Sia and Ansari check the lady Preeto and say its an infection. The family says she had eaten a lot of food, so she got swollen. Sia says she has undergone liposuction, that’s why the fluid got accumulated in her thighs. She sends the family out. She asks Preeto to tell her the truth. She asks did the family force you for lipo. Preeto says no. Sia asks Ansari to go out. Abhay says she is Girija Sathe, she has dementia. Deepika says I have asked them to call Dr. Vinayak. Abhay says no need to call her ex husband here. He cries and says dementia, she feels my ex dad is a doctor here, she still thinks he is with us, but the truth is, he left us 18 years back. She asks him to go out, let her do the work. He says what’s the use of me being a doctor if I can’t treat her. She says you have to leave now. Peroz takes Abhay with him. Preeto says I had to get married, I agreed for liposuction to get slim, then don’t know what happened to me. Sia asks didn’t you wear tight clothes after that. Preeto says no, I was feeling uncomfortable, what will happen now. Deepika says take her for CT scan, maybe she needs a surgery. Abhay says I won’t let her attend my mum, I have a right to decide it. Deepika says I know my job. He says you don’t know the job, its dangerous when a patient gets a bad doctor, you took a patient’s life on the operation table, right. Dr. Khanna comes. Abhay says Dr. Khanna has agreed to handle Aai’s case. He goes.

Sia says I have taken the patient’s consent, she wants us to drain the fluid today itself. Ansari asks why do the people go for such procedures. She says its her decision. Ansari asks is it her wish to look slim just to get married. She says you won’t get it. He says I don’t want to.

Deepika says don’t inform Vinayak, Abhay doesn’t want this, patient is his mom. Malvi Tai asks what. Deepika asks doesn’t anyone know this. Jenny asks is Abhay Dr. Vinayak’s son. Deepika nods. Sia hears them. She goes and hugs Abhay. She says I couldn’t identify your mum, sorry. Abhay says no, I feel responsible for her condition. He says I reached her late, she had fainted, she suffered from vascular dementia, I was focussing on Deepika than my mum, what’s wrong with me. Dr. Khanna comes to update about the CT scan reports. He says she needs a surgery, I can decide it after seeing further reports. Abhay gets shocked. He says I should go to Aai. Deepika asks the man to give the coffee to Abhay and ask him to have it. She gets Chakravorty’s audio message about the meeting. She hears a call for Dr. Khanna. She runs to see. Abhay asks what are you doing here. Deepika checks Girija. She says Dr. Khanna is on his way, I am available now. Dr. Khanna comes. Deepika says we should start the surgery without wasting time. Dr.Khanna says no, I don’t think so, we shouldn’t take the risk, her life may end. She says her rib is broken, its stuck, her life is in danger. Dr. Khanna says we should wait for 48 hours until aspirin gets out of the body, blood has got thin. Deepika says we can give her blood. Dr. Khanna says patient should be strong to survive. Abhay says he is senior, let him decide. He asks will my mum’s life fall in danger if we wait for 48 hours. Dr. Khanna says there is risk in doing the surgery and not doing it, its 50-50 chances, you know what I mean. Abhay says I don’t know, she is my mum, you have to save her, you will have some way. Dr. Khanna says pray that she survives for 48 hours, if she gets stable, then I will think about the surgery, I can’t do anything else. Abhay cries.

Deepika goes to Dr. Khanna. She says patient can die if we don’t do the surgery, I know its tough to save the patient after the surgery, we should take this chance. Dr. Khanna says we are ahead in the survival rate after surgery, I can’t spoil the hospital record, I can’t take this risk. She says sorry, you are more concerned about your personal success rate. He says yes, so what, shall I take risk like you and let the patient die on the operation table. She says when we fail in saving the patient, we tell that we are sorry, we tried our best to save the patient, we didn’t try to save Abhay’s mum, he is one of us. Dr. Khanna says enough, I won’t take risk to spoil the record. She says right, you refer the complicated surgeries to other hospitals to save your career. She reminds him the oath he took. She says my success rate is low, I always try to save the patient, my tainted past and you can’t stop me.

Abhay sees Girija and cries. Deepika asks Peroz to book the OT, they will do the surgery. Abhay says no, you won’t touch my Aai. She asks him to trust her. Abhay asks how, I heard a lot about you, its impossible to trust you, just back off. He goes. Peroz goes after him and says I want to take this chance. Abhay says Deepika is going against Dr. Khanna, would you trust her if it was about your mum. Peroz says I would have taken this chance, Dr. Khanna has given up, you don’t know the other side of the story, sign the consent form, let the surgery happen. Abhay gets sister Lucy’s call. He says I can’t sign the form without knowing her story. Peroz goes to Deepika and says Abhay didn’t sign the consent form. Deepika says someone has to take the form, I know my license can get canceled, Dr. Khanna is playing safe, Abhay dislikes me, but I have to take the risk. Preeto asks will I get fine. Sia says your husband should accept you the way you are, think about it. Preeto says I am doing this for myself. Ansari says I think she is just saying it, she is doing it for someone else. Chakravorty says Deepika is a fine surgeon. Abhay comes and says Deepika wants to take my mum to OT without my consent, I stopped her now. Jamshed asks do you know. Jamshed says a patient died by her Neglige. Abhay gives the papers and says she went against her seniors last time, if anything happens to my mum, then I swear I will not leave Deepika and this hospital. Jamshed asks him to wait outside. Deepika treats Girija. Chakravorty asks them to see the successful records of Deepika. Jamshed says we will do the voting and decide, if she is a good surgeon or not, Khanna will be here soon, we will start the voting, I know his opinion. Abhay waits outside. Peroz says bleeding is too much. Deepika continues the surgery. Jamshed and everyone do the voting. He says its a tie. Dr. Khanna comes and says sorry, I got late. Jamshed says you came on the right time, your vote will be the deciding vote. Dr. Khanna says medicine is a passion than profession, we take an oath that time, we will try our best to save the patient, and slowly we get under the pressure of the career and forget it, the passion changes into profession, rarely we see a doctor for whom the medicine is still a passion, patient’s life matters to Deepika than her success rate, she reminded me the oath, I know my work, she reminded me my duty.

Deepika finishes the surgery. The team claps for her. Chakravorty smiles seeing Dr. Khanna. He calls Deepika and says voting happened in your favor, you are in. Jamshed leave. Peroz says Deepika operated your mum. Abhay asks what, I will sue her. Peroz says her decision was correct, she saved Aai’s life, Aai is totally fine. Abhay runs to see his mum. He cries seeing Girija. He asks where is Deepika. Dr. Khanna says well done, keep it up. Deepika nods. Abhay comes and says thanks for saving my mum’s life. She nodes. He says I’m really sorry. She says I accepted your thanks, your sorry I can’t accept. She goes. Jenny consoles Lucy. Abhay goes to them. He says you here, what happened. Lucy says I committed a big sin, I can’t stay silent, I have to confess Deepika’s truth, the document of her last surgery was wrong, her senior had written it, they warned me that I would lose the job if I say the truth, I can’t lie more, Deepika is innocent, the surgery went wrong because of her senior. Abhay gets shocked. He sees Deepika going.

Ansari says you should not argue with Deepika. Deepika says whoever cracks this case will get the first surgery. Abhay says I want to assist you in this surgery.

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