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Scene 1
Diya holds Arjun from falling. He says this pain is a lot less than the one you gave me. Diya cries. He says wow you’re crying? How do you do this drama? You must be acting since childhood, what a pro. Arjun gives her money and says have it. Keep it all. There’s one thing you do with all your heart, acting. Take it for your amazing acting. Go from here. Niharika is outside. She says Diya I told you not to say anything, what were you saying to Arjun? Arjun says what did you ask her not to? Niharika says to stop annoying you. Arjun says stories have nothing to do with truth.

Niharika says come with me Diya. She takes Diya from there. Niharika says you were gonna tell Arjun everything? Let me tell Tina. Diya says no please. Tina will harm my dad. Arjun was falling so I helped. Niharika says then let him fall. You have to say good bye to him forever. Tina will take care of Arjun. You worry about your dad. Diya looks her racket. Diya recalls how passionae she used to be about her dream. Mira said to her you have to find your own way. Diya says I’ve to stand for myself. I won’t give up. I have to fight for Arjun and baba. I have to tell Arjun the truth but have to do something with Niharika.

Scene 2
Niharika asks Depika is my juice ready? She says yes it’s in the fridge. Niharika says I will take it. Bannu says to Depika can’t she make it on her own. Depika says it’s okay. Diya comes to Depika and says I am hungry. She says it’s in fridge. Take it. Diya sees Niharika’s juice and mixes sleeping pills in it. Niharika is coming there. Diya says I have to do this to expose Tina and Niharika. Niharika says what are you doing here? Diya says was hungry so came to take food. Niharika says after 5 days you won’t get such food. Take it. Niharika takes her juice. Niharika says don’t try to be oversmart. She leaves. Niharika collides with her and the food falls. Niharik says drink water and sleep now.

Niharika comes to room and says to Kush you must be very sad for Diya right? He says I’ve to work. Don’t disturb me. Niharika drinks the juice. Diya says Niharika must be asleep. She goes towards Arjun’s room. Niharika comes there. Diya is shocked to see her. Niharika got a call from Tina before drinking the juice. She asked what is Diya doing? Go and keep an eye on her. She must be waiting for everyone to sleep. Niharika said I need to sleep. Tina said don’t you want that diamond bracelet? The juice spilled from her hands. Niharika says you thought I slept and you would go to Arjun and tell him everything? Tina said I should sleep but I knew you would try to act smart.

Arjun comes outside and says what are you both doing outside my room at this time? Diya says I wanna tell you something. He says what? Diya says the truth. I am not the theif. Arjun says I don’t have time for all this. The gold that I sold were mine. Maa gave them to me. If I can sell my things for my needs, how is that wrong? Everyone is calling me thief. I could ask you but I had my gold and I sold it. I forgot my stuff in this room. I came to take it. Bhabhi thought I am here to steal. Niharika says we don’t trust you. Arjun says go from here. He leaves. Niharika says to Diya Tina sent something for you. I think you don’t love your dad. She shoes her video of Mohan crying and says please open the door. Please give me water.

Diya says please don’t do this with baba, I will do everything. Niharika says tell her yourself. Diya calls Tina and says please give my dad water. Please don’t do this. tina says if you loved your dad you won’t have gone to Arjun. Now see what I do with your dad. Diya says please don’t do this. Tina says then start divorce conversation tomorrow. It should be done tomorrow otherwise your dad will die of hunger. Diya says please don’t do this. I will talk to Arjun about it. Please give him water. Tina says to Niharika be careful, I told you. Niharika says I won’t sleep. I will keep an eye on her. Tina says take her phone. Niharika takes Diya’s phone. She says you will only get it once you do what is asked. Diya says bhabhi please.. Diya cries.

Episode ends

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