Dwarka lays a trap for Renu

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The Episode starts with Ahilya asking is Gautama upset with me that I helped Khanderao. Harku says she can’t see anyone else in front of Gautama, she isnt happy. Gautama explains Khanderao. She says when you have to prove yourself capable and make a great image, then you need to stay alert, people will think that you can do this, they are already impressed by Ahilya, you have to prove that you are more capable, you have to do justice. Khanderao nodes. Ahilya says she can think good for her son, I will go and talk to her. Harku says talk to Khanderao and explain him to handle the darbar work until Malhar comes. Ahilya thinks I have to help him when needed, but I can’t upset Gautama. Khanderao says my thinking is different, Ahilya is my wife, our joy, sorrow and dreams are the same, if you want me to handle the darbar alone, then okay, I will obey your command for your happiness and do as you want. She smiles.

Ahilya comes to Khanderao. She says I have to talk. He says I have to talk about the darbar, about solving the people’s problems. She says I understood, Gautama is always worried for you, she has many dreams from you, her dream is that you get famous like Malhar, don’t think of it, she is a mum, she wants to see you as a great king , without anyone’s support, she isnt wrong. He nodes. He says fine, I will do this and show, I will solve all the problems alone. She says you don’t listen to me and get angry. He asks really. She says I want to talk. She hears the sound and says its evening, I have to go to the kitchen, I will talk to you later. Renu recalls Parikshit. She thinks of Ahilya’s words. She asks can this really happen, can I become a suhaagan.

Maid comes and says Ahilya has called you at the temple. Yamuna asks the maid to give the same message to Parikshit. She says poor Ahilya, this matter will get worse now. Renu and Ahilya go somewhere in the darkness. Renu says I feel this dark night will never end. Ahilya says I will take you towards the light, come with me. Renu gets caught in the darkness. Ahilya worries about seeing her. Ahilya wakes up from this dream. She hears a sound and says its morning, people say that morning dream is often fulfilled. The pandits come to meet the Maha pandit. He asks why did you call us urgently. Maha pandit says Adharm is going to happen. Ahilya says I feel there is something wrong happening, is Renu in some problem. Mahapandit does some puja. Ahilya sees her inner self, demotivating her and asking her to worry about the result. Ahilya says I can’t get scared, I have to change the traditions and society, I will explain them not to be partial. Her inner self says no one will accept this. Ahilya says let me try, how can we think we will succeed or not. She shouts on her inner self. She says I can’t fall weak, else what will happen of Renu. Pandit says be it anyone, we will oppose the one doing Adharm. Yamuna asks Dwarka to come with her and see the drama. Dwarka says this is your problem. Yamuna says we will go and see the game. Dwarka says you will go there as my representative. Yamuna asks will everyone doubt. Dwarka says no, Acharya was going on yatra with mahants, if he sees anything on the way. Yamuna says then what will we do.

Ahilya requests Khanderao for Renu and Parikshit’s marriage. Everyone gets shocked.

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