Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Rama is innocent.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Ramji wanted to go inside but Jijabai stopped him. Ramji didn’t question Jijabai when she had an extra martial affair in Gora village. Jijabai questioned Ramji for his accusation. More than 20 people talked about Jijabai being seen with different men but Ramji never questioned her. Jijabai replied that people were made to talk, Ramji must have asked her first instead of believing anyone else. She asked why it was necessary to talk about it in front of anyone else. Ramji lied but it was necessary for him to say so to make Jijabai speak the truth; people were made to talk. Ramji requested Jijabai to understand; she must believe her family members. Meera sent everyone back home. Took Rama inside.

Anand questioned Lakshmi for her unneeded drama. Anand loved her and her unborn child, but he won’t tolerate her threats anymore. Lakshmi must learn to respect him, no one has ever earned anything by destroying relations. Lakshmi warned Anand to never drag her again. Anand asked her not to disrespect him again because that’s the one thing she has mastered well. Lakshmi had no other choice.
Lakshmi came to Jijabai, asked her to prepare meal. Jijabai was watching Rama working in her kitchen. She said that Lakshmi would never prepare a meal as tasteful as Rama. Lakshmi questioned. Rama made her meals with dignity. Jijabai and Lakshmi taunted Rama for being disrespectful and selfish. Bhim Rao came inside. Ramji asked him to sing a song, they were plenty people on the house to tell but very few to listen. Anand requested Bhim Rao as well, he would play the instruments for him. Meera would clap and enjoy with everyone. Bhim Rao sang.

Lakshmi didn’t understand why everyone was enjoying and singing. Jijabai had no answer, she has been tolerating for a long time.

Next morning, Hitesh asked Bhim Rao how he left being a sweeper. Deepak came running asking what a characterless woman was. Someone outside said to him that Rama was characterless. His mother refused to answer. Hitesh told Deepak the actual meaning. After knowing the meaning Deepak ran back to the man to inform him that Rama was not a characterless woman. Rama was heading to her workplace. A woman came, she wanted to vilify Rama. Rama stopped her. Meera slapped the woman. Bhim Rao washed Rama’s hand.

Phuliya amma came, said that Rama’s owner was bringing her son here to apologize to Rama. The woman brought his son, asked him to speak the truth. The son refused, said that Rama did it for money. The woman threated to transfer all her assets to Rama, she would count till three to get his answer. The woman started counting. The man uttered truth, he wanted to take advantage of her, but Rama put him to question. He took his revenge by defaming her. Meera asked everyone if the man should get punished for his mistake like Rama was ought to be punished though she was innocent. The man decided to never come to his shop, at least he got assets. The woman asked Rama to revenge herself and slap the man.

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