Fakir’s increasing curiosity about Sai

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Ashavaan ji says the second chapter of Sai’s life had begun.

Sai and Fakir Baba collect alms. They do not mind it even when someone closes the door on their face. Fakir Baba watches Sai as He takes care of the pets.

Ashwaan ji says Fakir had taught Him to share the alms with others. Remember that we dong become great by giving donation and we don’t feel ashamed to taking alms too. He could remember everything that the Fakir told Him but Fakir couldn’t understand Him. It happened that night.

Sai keeps chanting Jai Ram Shree Ram. Fakir Baba is unable to sleep. He walks up to Sai and leans closer to Sai’s chest. The voice is coming from His heart. Fakir Baba’s eyes widen in shock.

Everyone in Dwarkamai is moved. Ashavaan ji says let’s put a pause now as it is about to turn dark. New interesting turns are about to come. Ragini wishes that it never turned dark. Ashwaan ji says it is important though as the darkness of night sometimes teaches us what the light of the day cannot.

Somacharya and Mukhiya reach jungle with the newly hired men. Mukhiya says we are outside village. No villager is here. No one will be able to hear anything. Somacharya rues that it is too dark even though it is full moon night. How will they work in this condition? Mukhiya assures him it will be done. We will do our work while Fakir will sleep peacefully. Somacharya asks him how. A worker points at the sky. The clouds are shifting. Everyone smiles but they are too shocked to see Sai hugging every single tree. Workers drop their axes. Mukhiya tells them to cut the treat. This is an illusion. Fakir is trying to sway you. Don’t be afraid. A worker says it isn’t a black magic or illusion. This Baba is blessed and very powerful. Another worker seconds him. We shouldn’t mess with a person like Him. You should have told us before. We would have never come here then. Everyone agrees. Somacharya picks up an axe. It is too much. They might be afraid of you but I am not afraid of you! I dint do puja to see this day! He lunges at Sai with the axe but his hands stops mid-air. Sai stares at him pointedly. Everyone looks on in shock. The axe falls with a thud. Sai smiles.

Somacharya runs back to Mukhiya. I don’t know why I couldn’t hit Him. Is He really powerful? Mukhiya says He might know black magic as such people are powerful at night. I won’t leave easily though. He challenges Sai that he will call for a meeting tomorrow and come to a decision collectively. Everyone leaves. Sai smiles as He lets go of the tree and looks up.

Next morning, Ashavaan ji is looking at the sky. Champa asks him to continue the story but Ashavaan ji demands them to give him puranpoli. Can someone make it for me? Everyone smiles. Baizama says we will make it now. Continue with the story though. We don’t know when Sai will be back but we can feel His presence when we hear His stories in His absence. Ashwaan ji says He will be back at the right time. Ragini requests him to continue. Ashavaan ji agrees. They all sit down. Jhipri starts making preps for puranpoli.

Ashwaan ji says Fakir was shocked to hear the chant coming from Sai’s heart. He had realized that Sai was way more different and tejasvi than he had imagined. The other day, he returned after taking bath and it was time to go collect alms.

Fakir Baba asks Sai to come. It is time to collect alms. He does not get any reply from Sai which puzzles him. He notices Sai lost in meditation. He decides to go alone but then finds Sai outside waiting for him. He looks back and notices Sai still in meditation inside. He keeps looking back and forth in confusion. How can you be in two places at once? Sai says I cannot ignore God or Guru. Fakir Baba asks Him how He did this. Who taught you this? Sai says I only know how to love Ram ji and pray to Him. Everything happens as per His wish. They start walking. Fakir Baba wonders who and what this kid really is.

Ashwaan ji says Fakir was in surprise to see Sai’s antics with every passing day. He couldn’t find an answer which was driving him crazy. He used to follow little Sai often to know more and more.

Sai and Fakir Baba collect alms from a house. Sai’s hand touches the lady’s hand while picking up a guava from the bowl. Sai sits down to eat in a corner. The burn on the lady’s hand disappears in front of Fakir Baba’s eyes. The lady is also surprised. They both look at Sai. The guava has turned yellow

Ashavaan ji says Sai used to heal the wounds with His touch at times while at other times, He used to soothe every heart with His words. Fakir had met many people but no one could equal Sai.

Fakir Baba gives food to Sai. Let’s eat. Sai excuses Himself for a moment and takes the plate and a glass of water outside. Fakir Baba follows Sai. Sai pours milk in a bowl and keep some grains on the floor. He even lays down food and asks everyone to come and eat now. All animals and birds come to eat. Fakir Baba thinks that only nature is capable of maintaining a balance between a prey and hunter. How can this kid do this? He asks Sai why He shared His food with everyone. You even ate with them. Snake his poisonous after all. Sai reasons that they have all been created by the same God. Everyone is a part of God. How can one part of God be wary of another part of God?

Fakir Baba and an old man look at Sai as He plays with the dogs. The old man says what you said and what I observed has made me realize that He is God’s child. There is no religion of such people. It seems to be God’s reflection. Forget about who He is. Have patience. He will tell you His identity and mission on His own. You will then know what you have to do. He is like a river so you must let Him flow. Think about what you can learn from Him instead of what you can teach Him.

Precap: An old lady tells Sai she has a sprain in her feet. I eat only after doing darshan of Krishna ji. Sai takes her to the temple. Pundit ji stops them from entering in the temple as He is holding the old lady. Fakir’s are not allowed in temple. She has become impure now!

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