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The Episode starts with Malhar saying its better to keep Praja happy. Dhana ji says but…. Malhar says we won’t discuss anything else, we should get Renu and Parikshit married in the palace premises. Everyone smiles. Gautama worries. Ahilya asks Renu not to worry, she will have a new life now, Parikshit will keep her happy. Renu hugs her. She says you never quit thinking about me, you always fought for me, you are fighting the world today to settle me down, you are good. Ahilya cries. She says you are really good, your heart is so clean and nice, that’s why, Shiv ji sent Malhar back on the right time. Parikshit says I promise, Renu won’t get tears from now, she will always have a smile on her face, but I m ​​worried about Khanderao, he was going to decide against us, but Malhar came and changed the decision. Ahilya says I will talk to him. Khanderao comes and says I’m here.

Dhana ji talks to the Mahant. Mahant says you should have stopped Malhar from permitting this sin. Dhana ji says I know you all are feeling insulted, you know Malhar well, he has a good knowledge of Ved and Shaastra, he told that a king can change the customs and mend everything, he has the sole right. Mahant says we are Lord’s messengers, what are we, nothing, is he Lord, how can he do this, the people aren’t happy, he insulted their wish, he has to bear the consequences now. Dhana ji says yes, he is going to get that widow married in his own house.

Khanderao hugs Parikshit. He says I will be happy in your happiness, I was doing my duty in the darbar, I m your friend here, I want to see your marriage now. They smile. Khanderao wishes Renu also. He says congrats to both of you, start the marriage preparations now, its in 2 days. Ahilya asks what, how so soon, there is much work. Khanderao says we have to leave for Rajputana after two days, if you can’t do the arrangements then its fine, I will do it, don’t worry. Parikshit says I also have to go with you. Khanderao says not now. Parikshit asks why not, I have to do my duty as a friend. Khanderao smiles. Ahilya says we will get ready and go to Devimaa temple, we have to bless her blessings also. Renu goes. Khanderao says Ahilya, I didn’t wish to take any risk, I know that I was worried for the people, but I was much worried for you. She asks what do you mean. He says you can’t understand ever, you worry of others always, not yourself, this matter don’t calm so soon, promise me, you will take care. She nodes. Dhana ji provokes the Mahant. Mahant says Malhar should regret his decision. Dhana ji smiles.

Gautama and Gangoba come to talk to Malhar. She says you know what happened with Khanderao. Malhar says I know, what do you think, I will take this lightly. Gangoba says whatever you did, the people will not understand your decision, they are against the old traditions, they think that’s their Dharm and will believe only that. Malhar says you are saying right, but a king’s duty is to do the right thing, but to find an easy way. He tells what’s written in the Vedas. He says everyone is brothers, everyone should think of each other’s betterment, you know that differentiation in the society, innocent people suffer a lot, a King doesn’t get a chance to bring a change in the society all the time, Ahilya gave me this chance years ago, I supported girls education, today I got another chance to permit widow remarriage, widows have a right to remarry and stay a good life, I can’t say if this will change history, change isn’t easy, maybe After Renu’s marriage, no widow is ready to bring a change in her life, but we should give the rights to the people, its our Rajya dharm. Gangoba says yes, you are right, people may rebel and it won’t take time. Gautama says I m afraid for this, Renu and Parikshit were attacked, Khanderao got hurt, Ahilya would have become a target of the angry people, you want to keep the marriage in the palace, think about it, our family can face the people’s anger , Dharm peeth can oppose us, Pujari has refused to do the puja in our temple. Malhar says I will handle everything, but my decision is final.

Ahilya says we have come to pray for their good life. The people attack them. Khanderao and Parikshit fight.

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