Gehna Finds Out Bomb Location

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kumar’s goon fixes a live camera and forces Anant to accept Kumar’s crime. Anant remembers Gehna. Inspector arrests Gehna. Siya enters and says he cannot arrest Gehna without a warrant. Inspector says they have proof against Gehna. Siya says he knows that only a lady police can arrest a lady, so he should bring warrant and lady police first. Inspector leaves. Gehna says she needs to go and stop Kumar. They watch news about Anant on live news confessing that he is terrorist and is planning a big bomb blast. Desai family panics seeing that. Gehna cries that she needs to save Anant. Siya says they don’t have much time. Gehna prays god to protect Anant and expose truth and leaves home with Siya. Baa prays next to protect Anant and Gehna.

Professor’s puppets tie down Anant and spread fire around him. Anant tries to free himself and shouts feeling fire. Gehna with Siya reaches VVIP diewali function venue. Siya notices they cannot enter without invitation card. Gehna says they need to enter at any cost as they have less time left. Kumar as waiter serves juice to minister and other guests. Host calls minister on stage. Minister wishes everyone happy Diwali. Kumar thinks a beep sound of death will start soon. Gehna and Siya try to enter venue in puppet dresses. Guards demand to see their faces. Gehna pushes people behind her and runs inside diverting guards’ attention. Minister speaks about terrorist Anant and boasts that he will be punished for his crime soon, this place is protected well and everyone are safe, etc. Gehna thinks her Anantji is not a terrorist. Kumar thinks this place is most dangerous instead and they wouldn’t have seen such a big dhamaka/blast in life. Minister ends his speech. [Also Read: Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th November 2021 Written Episode: Raghav to prove his love]

Gehna runs out and clashes with waiter Kumar. Kumar notices her eyes tries to remove her mask when she runs away saying her dance will start soon. She thinks only she can find the bomb and stop this dhamaka. Cultural program starts. Gehna reenters venue disguised as a dancer hiding her face with veil and searches bomb. She then confronts bomb to reveal bomb location. Kumar says he is not a fool to reveal his secrets. She says his secrets are out and she already killed one of his aide in green room, his aide was a coward and trying to save his life revealed all secrets, hoping Kumar believes her lies and reveal bomb location. Kumar laughs and says she is lying as only he knows where he hid bombs, it will blast in 30 minutes and she needs to find bombs in 30 minutes, and even if she does, bombs will blast if she touches them; he has planted 2 bombs and there will be disaster everywhere. Gehna says she will not let that happen. He asks if she has a 3rd eye to know bomb location. She says her god has a 3rd eye who will give her bomb location. He shows her Anant’s video and says she should either save her husband or this auditorium. She remembers Kumar’s words and thinks Kumar hid bomb in a light source, it means he hid 1 bomb in a lantern/kandeel and another one in lamp thread.

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