Ghar Ek Mandir 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Siddhant wastes Genda’s time.

Ghar Ek Mandir 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda cooks halwa, gets call from Varun she doesn’t answer. Customer tells Varun they want to see Genda, Varun says sge has gone home will come soon.

Genda serves Siddhant halwa, he says I can’t trust you have a bite first, what if you have added something, Genda says you are unbelievable and tastes it, says I am alive now eat it. Siddhant tastes halwa.

Customer leaves saying she can’t wait anymore and has to leave, she will see some other jeweler, Varun shows Genda’s design and cracks the order and gets advance.
Siddhant says this halwa is tasteless and this is all because you hurried and from tomorrow cook it properly and you may leave now. Genda leaving she hears Siddhant asking to throw halwa, Genda says distribute in poor don’t waste it, Siddhant says the halwa isn’t edible it belongs to dustbin. Genda leaves.

Varun worried about how he will manage orders without raw material and calls home to talk to Genda, Nisha picks call, Varun asks her to tell Genda to call him, Nisha says Genda isn’t home, Varun gets worried and says Genda left home long time, Nisha says she didn’t get home, Varun says I will call her and check may be I am mistaken, and disconnect call and thinks is Genda hiding something.
Nisha thinks where Genda must be. Varun in shop waiting for Genda thinking why must have Genda lied. Varun’s wheel chair gets stuck in bedsheet and he starts struggling to take it off and gets frustrated, he tries to reach mobile but unable to reach and starts worrying about Genda.

Varun sees Genda gets the stuck cloth from wheel chair and asks are you fine, I am very sorry, I couldn’t even go home. Varun thinks Genda is accepting she didn’t go home where did she go then. Nisha calls Genda, and says why did you send dhobi, Papaji is so upset seeing him and tells the whole story. Nisha says I would help you but Papaji has a condition how will you manage, how will you wash and dry them by tomorrow. Varun asks what happened, Genda says I had to go home and wash clothes, we are late, lets go right away, Varun says you can do this tomorrow don’t take stress, Genda says you need help and rest, and once you are fine I will make you do all the work now lets go. Varun thinks he will ask Genda later where she was.

Genda and Varun reach home, they see everyone starring at them. Genda apologises to Kundan for being late, Kundan says you are very late, there are clothes to wash and this is how you manage, no sense of time or responsibility, Varun says but, Kundan says you shutup, Nisha says Papaji I had called Genda and informed her, Genda says don’t be upset I will finish all the work, Kundan says dare you touch those clothes, and what time is this, I won’t bear this and slaps Genda. Nisha very happy.
Varun and Anuradha shocked. Nisha wishes that Kundan slaps her once more. Shivam wakes Nisha saying why are you hitting me you are dreaming, Nisha realises it was just a dream . Shivam asks who you wanted to slap, Nisha says go to sleep. Nisha thinks Genda hasn’t done anything and will see drama next morning.

Genda and Varun reach home, Varun says looks like everyone is in their room. Genda gets Varun to his room, and rests Varun on bed and gets him water. Varun thinking about should he ask Genda where she was.
Varun says Genda he wants to talk, Genda says can we talk later, you get changed and haven’t eaten anything, Varun says okay.
Genda sees in kitchen there is no food in kitchen and starts cooking for Varun. Genda gets Varun dinner and says you have food, I am out call me, Varun asks will you not eat, Genda says I will wash clothes and eat later, Varun says why now, Genda says you don’t worry I will be back soon . Varun thinking I have to ask her where she went.

Pre cap: Genda goes to Maharaji temple to clean chatri and sees thief’s stealing it, goons attack Genda.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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