Ghar Ek Mandir 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update Sandy’s arrival shocks Varun

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Sandy picks Gendas mangalsutra but bikers try steal it again but steal Sandy’s bag and Sandy about to slip, Genda holds her, Sandy says here your necklace, Genda says but they stole your bag, Sandy says my bag had my phone and had address details, now I don’t know where to go, Genda says I’m so sorry you have injured your hand and also lost phone, Sandy says I’m happy to help you, Genda introduces herself and offers her to come home, Sandy says I will manage you don’t even know me, Genda says you didn’t know me either before helping me, Sandy says trust me I will manage, I don’t like to bother others, take care I will manage.

Varun decorates whole house and gives Genda a call, Genda says I’m right outside the house, Varun kneels on her feet with bouquet and card, he showers roses and sees Sandy under it. ( Genda forces Sandy to come with her and let her help, Sandy agrees).

Varun and Sandy shocked seeing eachother, both in tears walk to eachother. Varun and Sandy about to hug, Genda says do you two know eachother. Sandy says yes tell her if we know eachother. Varun fumbles, Sandy starts laughing and says how are you speaking funny, tell her. Genda says how do you know Sandhya, Sandy says its Sandy, Sandy says yes tell your wife who am I, where we met, how we met, speak up. Varun says Genda, Sandy okay calm down I will tell her, we are Nisha’s long distant relative, she stays here right. Sandy says let me meet her, Genda says she isn’t home, Sandy says okay and me and Varun met in family function and what a coincidence, where I landed, Genda says good you arrived at your cousins place. Varun says yes she is cousin to Nisha bhabhi, Varun asks Sandy how did you come, Sandy says Genda will tell that, Genda tells whole scenario.
Varun says okay, here I got you gifts, happy anniversary.
Sandy says wow its your anniversary, I shouldn’t have come then, happy anniversary, Genda says thank you and you are welcomed here, come lets go inside

Genda says Varun you have decorated so well, so I accept my defeat, Sandy says she is right, and I shall take leave. Genda says Varun ask her to stay, Varun says Sandy, Genda is insisting please stay, and you two talk I will be back. Genda says come I will help you bandaid.
Genda helps Sandy with her wound, Sandy says Genda its risky to get strangers home, they might steal something, Genda says if its risky helping others, why would you help and I have Maharaji who takes care of me, now you rest and till then others will also come back.
Sandy thinks Genda is so sweet, how is Varun handling it.

Varun walks in his room with lunch for Genda and sees Sandy, Genda walks in with medicine, Genda says to Varun, its smelling delicious, what is in it, Varun says same what you add daily, all the love. Genda smiles and says Sandy here is your medicine and I will get you food and we will eat together, Varun says it’s just this much I had specially cooked for you, Genda says no worries we will share. Genda gives some food from her plate to Sandy and asks Varun to join them. Genda and Sandy have a bite. Genda says Varun this is very tasty, right Sandy, Sandy says yes.

Genda gives Varun his gift, Varun opens it, and happy to see the watch and says its same watch I liked, Genda smiles, Varun says thank you and kisses her forehead. Nisha walks in and says Sandhya you here. Sandy goes hug her, Nisha asks how come you here, And how are you, Sandy says all good. Kundan, Anuradha, Manish walk in, all greet Sandy and welcome her. Genda tells how Sandy helped her and so she got him home. Kundan says Genda I asked you not to go out, Genda says I wanted to buy gift for Varun. Kundan thanks Sandy, Sandy says I helped Genda and I could meet you all but lost my bag. Anuradha says its goof you two are fine.

Nisha says Sandy I’m happy to see you here and how did you come here, Sandy says you know I’m whimsical, Sandy starts coughing. Everyone rushes to Sandy seeing her collapse. Kundan asks Manish to call doctor, Sandy unable to breathe, she holds Varun’s hand, Nisha says Varun pick Sandy lets take her to my room, Varun takes Sandy to Nisha’s room, Sandy holding Varun’s hand, everyone walks in, Genda gets water. Varun sees Sandy not feeling any better

Pre cap: Varun says why did you eat mushroom if you are allergic, Genda says why yell at her it was my mistake. Varun leaves the room.
Genda asks Varun how does he know about Sandy’s allergy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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