Ghar Ek Mandir 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update Genda and Varun save Maharaji’s Chatra

Ghar Ek Mandir 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda washing clothes, Varun sees Genda has washed all the clothes, Genda asks him why hasn’t he slept yet, Varun says look at you, you haven’t eaten anything, working since morning and why iron now, Genda says to iron the clothes, and don’t worry I will finish all the work and eat. Varun gets Genda food while she irons clothes and says eat first and then we will do it later, and I will be so happy to feed you, Genda has food while ironing clothes. She burns her finger, Varun gets worried for her, Genda says she is fine and continues with work. Genda asks Varun to go sleep, Varun says I won’t without you, you do your work I’m here, Genda says please rest I’m not liking it.

Genda and Varun asleep, Varun sees Genda’s legs her paining and she isnt able to sleep, Varun massages her leg, Genda wakes up and says don’t do it, I’m not liking it, Varun says I am, I want to take care of you and make you happy, what else you want. Genda holds Varun’s hand and asks him to hug her.
Varun hugs Genda, and says Genda where will we get gold and complete order, Genda says we are trying our best and now Maharaji will show us our way.

Genda at Maharaji temple, prays and asks to help her, it gets breezy and a leaf gets caught in Genda’s hair, she sees Maharaji’s chatri has lot of dust and asks panditji why isn’t it cleaned, Panditji says I’m old and can ‘t clean it and I wish some devotee who cares not just about himself but Maharaji too and will clean it. Genda wakes up from her dream in tears. Varun wakes up and asks Genda what is wrong, Genda says I haven’t cleaned Maharaji’s chatra since I got married and I have to clean it, will you come with me, Varun says yes I will.

Nisha in kitchen waiting for Kundan to come out and scold Genda. Kundan calls Anuradha and asks where is Genda and Varun, Anuradha says I guess they left for shop, Manish says doesn’t she have respect for elders, she left without washing clothes, now what Papa will wash them, Kundan says I will wash them , Anuradha says stop, and shows him clothes all washed and ironed and says Genda informed me before leaving that she has washed all clothes and she was awake all night washed and pressed them.

Genda and Varun reach Maharaji’s temple, Genda opens the door and sees some theifs stealing Chatra. Genda pulls bag from them but they approach Genda with knife, Genda hits them with bag and says I won’t let anyone steal the Chatra. Varun says Genda you can’t fight them give the bag, one of them snatches bag and attacks Genda with knife, she falls on ground, in blood. Varun says Genda get up, Genda gets up, her face has blood, Genda sees its just kumkum water and bot blood, Varun throws trishul at her, Genda takes it and hits thieves with it and Varun saves Genda from getting back stabbed, one of them tries to hurt Varun, Genda saves him.
Thieves ask Genda to return bag or they will be killed. Genda fights them.

Pandit ji wakes up and calls everyone, everyone gather, Genda says chatra is fine and Varun saved us all, Varun says Genda fought without thinking about life and her strength is mine. Panditji says you are idle couple, Maharaji always has blessings on you. Genda gives chatra back, Panditji says its broken, Genda says give it I will fix it. Maharaji hands a gold lotus to Genda, Genda asks why, Panditji says you saved this temple and will fix chatra too you will need this gold keep it.

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