Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Shruti Feels Guilty

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai breaks down seeing Virat’s betrayal. Pulkit consoles her and informs that he denied to perform Shruti’s surgery. Sai says she finally met Shruti and reveals that Shruti told she married Virat 1.5 years ago. Pulkit is shocked, says that means Virat married Sai when he was already married to Shruti, asks does Shruti know that Sai is also Virat’s wife, and suggests her to move on in life and concentrate on her studies and career. Sai thinks she cannot let her personal issue interfere her professional life and hence should convince Pulkit to operate on Shruti. She reminds Pulkit of his oath taken while becoming a doctor and requests to perform Shruti’s operation. Pulkit says even he is a human and has emotions, hence he cannot operate on Shruti; he suggests her to take divorce from Virat. She says still there is a time for that, but Shruti needs immediate surgery.

Shruti asks Virat if Sai is his wife. He nods yes and asks what did she speak to Pulkit and Sai. She says that she informed Sai that they are married since 1.5 years and then nurse brought Sahas’ birth certificate. She says she will move out with Sahas without interfering in his life and suggests him to reveal whole truth to Sai and reconcile with her before she breaks up their relationship. Virat says differences have already creeped up and Sai left home forever today. Shruti asks that means differences creeped up between him and his wife because of her.

Pulkit gets adamant and denies to operate on Shruti. Sai says doctor consulted him to operate Shruti’s complicated case, its not Shruti’s fault that Virat married her and she is worried for her baby and must be fearing if Chavan family will accept her baby. Pulkit says he still cannot believe that Virat can stoop so low, he will call Samrat right now and inform him everything. She stops him and says Virat’s parents will shatter hearing their son’s sins, so she cannot let them know; right now, its his responsibility to operate on Shruti. He denies again and asks how can she not feel pain and act so rigid. She says as a doctor wants him to keep his personal issues aside and act like a true professional.

Shruti continues blaming herself for Virat and his wife’s differences. Virat says its not her fault, Sai herself didn’t trust him and wait till he revealed her truth, but he will always support his wife and be around her whenever she needs him. Shruti says with him hiding truth, anyone would feel betrayed. He says its not her fault and hence she should stay out of it; he would have informed Sai long ago if he wanted to, a husband and wife’s relationship is based on a trust and over time it gets stronger and doesn’t need any explanation, but his wife wants him to prove his loyalty and thinks he can cheat him; there will be a day when his wife will realize her mistake. Shruti says it would be too late by then. He says it already is. She says she cannot let another woman’s life ruined because of her and hence heself will inform truth to Sai. Virat stops her and says Sai is a self-made independent girl who doesn’t need his or his family’s support.

Precap: Sai tells Virat that today there is a critical operation of his beloved wife Shruti Chavan and tries to convince Pulkit to perform operation. Pulkit asks how can she ask him to operate on a woman who ruined her life.

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