Gud Se Mitha Ishq 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Nimrit Brainwashes Innocent Pari



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Feeling ashamed, Pari tells Dev that she is no longer only his teacher but her husband. He says that he forgot to tell what the husband says. He asks what did he forget. She says he forgot to say that I love you and asks him to hurry as she wants to feel ashamed. Dev panics and says that he will be there tomorrow. She emphasizes. He panicked and says I love you. She doesn’t say it that way and teaches him to say I love you in a film style by kneeling and holding hands. He obeys her and says that he loves her, she inspires him and he feels that there is still good left in the world, and he is grateful for that. She shrugs and says that he shook her and asked her to loosen the knot of her lehenga. He looks at her in surprise. She says she needs to pee.

Kaju recalls that Neil’s tongue whipped her and refused to accept her as his wife. How many things do I miss.. The song is playing in the background. Kaju confronts Neel and says that she will repent for her mistake and will leave her house if he wipes her sindoor. He refuses and says that she wants to save her marriage and on the other hand wants her to wipe off her sindoor. She becomes adamant and leaves him. Neel wakes up from his dream and begs Kaju not to leave him alone and realizes that it was his nightmare. Cashew hears him.

From the washroom, Pari asks Dev to wait outside and talk till he comes out. He says that since he married her, his surname has been changed from Khurana to Shergill and that Pari Dev is Shergill. Pari says that she is Pari Dev Sir Shergill. Dev Pari Dev calls Shergill and asks if she is hungry. Pari says a lot and asks her to bring Dahi Bhalle for her. God leaves.

Nimrit expresses his anger and tells Navdeep that his brother has brought a mad wife on him. Navdeep says he is under more stress as his business is not going well and now Pagal Pari has been thrown at him. Nimrit plans to harass Pari. She goes to Pari and brainwashes her that the first night after marriage is an important ritual and she has to perform it with Dev. Pari agrees. God returns.

Precap: Pari creates ruckus and Dev tries to stop her. Kaju confronts Neel and professes his love for him.

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