Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Happu blackmails commissioner

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The episode starts with Kat seeing Rajesh and Vimlesh happy and asking the reason for their happiness. Rajesh calls all the children and says she has a good news for them. Kat asks if their 10th sibling is coming. Rajesh says they will be shifting to their new flat. The congratulate her and asks how did she convince papa. Rajesh says amma convinced him and thanks amma. Vimlesh says even she ordered Beni to buy a flat so that they can enjoy privacy. Kat asks Daadi if she will not feel bad without dadaji. She says her happiness is with family and even Dadaji will shift with them. Children rejoice and dream of enjoying swimming and other activities in their new apartment building. Dadaji feels sad that Dadi didn’t respect his feelings. Kat says she called Kamlesh who recently joined his father’s real estate business.

At police station, Happu is busy playing video game while Manohar cheers him up. Beni walks in and says he is short of 25-30 lakhs to buy a flat. Happu says he will take it from commissioner as he took away his 2 crore bribe alone. Beni suggests to find out commissioner’s weak point and blackmail him. Happu asks him to be specific. Beni gives him idea.

Kamlesh visits Kat and says he got photos and pamphlets of new flats. Family asks him to show flat photos soon. He shows them pamphlets of apartment complex with swimming pool, gym, club house, etc. Hrithik and Ranbir imagine themselves in swimming pool and gym. Rajesh imagines strolling in park and says she needs flat in same complex. Kat says she will get her photo session in same park. Kamlesh says he will speak to his dad and fix flats for them there.

Commissioner waits for someone and asks time from an alcoholic. Alcoholic says his time is bad and walks away. Beni disguised as a mobster forcefully hands over a bag to commissioner and walks away. Happu and Manohar records video. Beni returns and leaves thanking commissioner for holding his bag. Happu discusses that Beni does overacting.

Amma enjoys tea at home. Dadaji complains that they broke his heart by planning to leave this house. Amma says even he can shift to their new flat. Dadaji says he cannot leave this house as its the gift of their love which they build with great difficulty. She says they will fill their love even in new flat. Dadaji says his soul is locked in the memories of their marriage, their nok jhok, Happu’s birth, his job, his marriage, his children, etc. Amma says he is right, so she will not leave this house. He asks how will he convince family. She says her order still works in this house and nobody can disobey her.

Manohar gets a new sim card for Happu and says he can do heinous acts with it. Happu asks if someone saw him buying a new sim card. Manohar says no. Happu calls commissioner and says jai hind. Beni stops him and says commissioner will identify him easily. Happu changes his voice and says he has recorded a video of him taking bribe. Commissioner says a man gave him a bag and took it back. Happu says he can delete the video in return of a ransom. Commissioner asks if is mad to demand ransom from commissioner. Happu threatens to leak his video. Commissioner walks in speaking. Happu disconnects call and asks if he should order tea for him. Commissioner says someone is blackmailing him for ransom, explaining him whole story Happu says he should pay ransom then. Commissioner says why should he when he didn’t do anything wrong. Beni says his reputation will be at stake if his bribe accepting video is leaked and he will be in deep trouble. Happu says he needs to pay to save his dignity.

Precap: No precap.

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