Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Happu lands into trouble?

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The episode starts with Happu’s children dreaming of enjoying in their new flat. Happu enters and informs that he made arrangements to buy their new flat. Children rejoice. Rajesh says she didn’t know he loves her so much and worked hard to buy a flat for her. Happu asks amma why she is so silent. Amma says they will not move out of this house. Family is shocked to hear that. Amma says Dadaji cannot leave this house as he is locked in memories of this house, so she also cannot shift. Children requests her to convince dadaji. Amma says she can’t. Rajesh says amma doesn’t respect her feelings and walks away disappointed. Happu asks why can’t Dadaji shift to new flat and enjoy swinging on a swing there. Amma slaps him.

Beni walks to Vimlesh and says he has a good news for her. She says she is eager to hear that. He says her dream will be fulfilled soon. She asks if he is buying her a diamond necklace, a car, foreign trip. He says he soon will buy a flat for her. She says he told he doesn’t have a budget for that. She says he will do anything to fulfill her wish and they will shift to their new flat soon. She says he is world’s best husband. He demands his fees. She kisses his cheek. He demands more. She says rest after he buys flat.

Rajesh gets angry on Happu for not opposing amma’s decision. Happu says Amma is emotionally attached to this house and cannot leave pitaji. Rajesh says if amma loves pitaj9, she would have gone to him long ago. He says both issues are different. Children walk in chanting a slogan against amma and demand Happu to convince amma. He says he will try and walks to amma who is busy enjoying liquor and tries to convince her saying she lived her life to the fullest in this house according to her wish, so he wants to let Rajesh fulfill her wish in her new flat. Dadaji asks her to slap him. Amma slaps him and says her pitaji ordered to slap him. She warns him to tell his wife to stop thinking of shifting to a new flat.

Kamlesh enters Kat’s room via window as usual and seeing her sad asks reason. She says her dream is shattered. He says tomorrow they will go to watch a new flat. Kat says they are not as amma denied to shift. Rajesh walks in and says they will go to watch a new flat. Kamlesh says he cannot bear daadi’s slap. Kat says she cannot win over amma. Rajesh says Happu will convince amma and asks Kamlesh to show them a good flat.

At police station, Happu and Beni wait for commissioner’s call. Manohar says they can become good blackmailers. Happu calls commissioner and says he will inform him at 6 p.m. when and where to deliver money. Commissioner says 30 lakhs is too much to delete a video. Happu says 30 lakhs is less to protect his dignity. Commissioner walks in and says blackmail is blackmailing him again. Happu suggests to pay ransom and get out of this mess. Commissioner says blackmailer will be in trouble as he has ordered a caller detail machine which can detect call’s location and caller’s details. Happu gets tensed hearing that. Manohar says machine cannot detect Happu’s details as he bought sim with unanimous name. Sim seller enters ands informs that he gave happu’s old sim by mistake. Happu gets more tensed

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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