Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Happu disappoints family

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The episode starts with Rajesh, Vimlesh, and children getting ready for a flat visit. Amma thinks Happu must not have informed Rajesh about her decision. Kamlesh walks in and boasts that they will be mesmerized seeing a new flat. Amma stops them and asks if they will not change. Kamlesh tries to speak. Amma slaps him and shuts his mouth. Kat says they need a lavish life and cannot stay in old house. Daadi asks Chamchi if even she will not support her. Chamchi says she is on her side, but supports her siblings and mummy’s idea. Rajesh asks Amma not to interfere much and walks away with children and Vimlesh.

Happu and Beni get tensed after finding they made a ransom call to Reshampal via Happu’s sim. Manohar cries that he wanted to become DIG and IG and make Happu and commissioner work under him. Happu scolds him. Happu calls commissioner as blackmailer and says he realized his mistake and has decided to work with him to change system, he doesn’t need any ransom and will delete his bribe receiving video. Commissioner walks into police station chatting. Happu disconnects call nervously. Beni asks if blackmailer called him again. Commissioner says blackmailer apologized him, but he will not spare blackmailer and will send him and his team to jail at least for 5 years. They all 3 get tensed and try to change his mind, but he gets adamant.

Vimlesh returns home after watching a new flat and praises its amenities. Beni informs that he couldn’t arrange money, so they need to stay in same house. Vimlesh says this is cheating, he must be joking. Beni says he is not as he knows she is very stubborn. Vimlesh fights with him and walks away from room. At Happu’s house, children offer jalebis to amma during dinner and requests her to shift to their new flat with her describing its lavish life. Amma denies. Rajesh says she told her happiness is in children’s happiness, then why she is ruining their happiness. Happu walks in sadly. Children say they should book flat soon as they can enjoy party there each day. Kat says she will wear new dresses for party. Happu says they are not taking new flat as he couldn’t arrange money. Kat cries and asks him to say its a lie. Amma smirks at Rajesh. Children and Rajesh curse Happu and walk away.

Happu with Beni visits paan shop and asks paan vendor to give him a paan which can ward off his sorrows. Vendor asks if he should mix poison. Happu scolds him. Beni says Happu is inauspicious. Happu says he is right, whole family is angry on him and were staring at him as if they will eat him alive. Beni says if commissioner finds out about their call, he will send them both to jail. Happu says reason for all the problems is flat. Kamlesh passes by. Happu stops him and says he needs his help. Kamlesh asks when will he come for a flat visit as his whole family liked the flat. Happu says he will never visit it and asks him to badmouth about the flat to his family as he cannot afford it. Kamlesh says his family liked it a lot. Happu says he can buy that flat and gift it. Kamlesh says he doesn’t have money and was working for a commission. Happu warns him to do as he says or else he will not let him meet Kat again. Kamlesh agrees and leaves to meet Happu’s family.

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