Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Rashmita is roosa

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The Episode starts with Happu asking Mamera to take him to factory. Mamera says we can’t go there, else trouble will arise. Rajjo and Vimlesh come there. Rajjo says we shall tell the truth to your jija. She tells Mamera is in love with a girl who is from a rich family and she is sitting inside our house. He has eloped with her. Happu says why did you hide from me, I would have helped and feeling happy, feeling as if a film is going on. Rajjo says we didn’t tell as you might get angry. Beni asks about the girl’s family. Mamera says she is from a big family and is a down to earth person. Rashmita brings tea for them. Happu welcomes her. Rajjo says her bhabhi is very sanskari. Happu picks money to give her nek. Beni says she should after muh dikhayi. Chamchi says she should demand a big nek first. Happu scolds her. Rajesh asks Rashmita to show her face now. She unveils her face. Happu is shocked to see Roosa. Mamera asks if he knows her. Happu with Rajesh, Vimlesh, and Beni walks to Amma and informs her that Rashmita is Reshampal’s SIL Roosa, now Reshampal will put them all in jail. Amma says she will get Mamera married to Roosa at any cost and is not bothered about Reshampal.

Happu attends his duty. Manohar asks why he looks tense. Happu scolds him. Reshampal walks in worried and says Roosa eloped with a boy. Manohar cries. Happu says he doesn’t know anything. Reshampal says he knows and says they should find Roosa and bring her back soon. Happu says he will try his best to bring back Roosa. Reshampal says he will visit his home tonight for dinner. Happu says he should be worried for his SIL. Reshampal says he considers Happu’s family as his family and asks him to ask Rajjo to prepare tinda sabji and palak paneer. Happu says his hunger has increased in tension.

Amma calls Panditji and asks him to find Mamera and Rajjo’s wedding. Panditji says there is no muhurath for 1 month. Amma asks Rajjo to bribe Panditji. Rajjo does. Panditji finds muhurath after 2 days. Rajjo and Vimlesh plan to shop jewelry and saris for wedding. Cloth vendor fools them and sells them clothes pretty costly.
Commissioner and Manohar catch Kamlesh and allege him of eloping Roosa. Kamlesh denies. Kat backs him, but the commissioner doesn’t agree and arrests Kamlesh. He takes Kamlesh to police station and tells Happu that Kamlesh eloped Roosa. Happu says he is an innocent kid and cannot be a criminal.

Precap: No precap.

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