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The episode begins with Happu telling Benny that his superior officer’s wife is a Russian spy. Benny laughs. Happu asks why is he laughing? Beni says what we have to do with others wife. He says let’s drink and enjoy. Happu says how will I drink, my friend is in dilemma. Benny says your friend will do his duty, as his wife will kill him. Happu says how will he kill her, they have house and 9 kids. Benny says that she also has 9 children. Happu says it is 2 now. Benny says if your friend doesn’t support the department, all the departments will be behind him. He says that if your friend arrests his wife, then his wife and his companions will shoot him. Happu gets shocked hearing the sound of bullets. Benny says this is his phone ringtone. Happu gets upset.

Amma calls Rajjo and says that I must have given coal in charity, that I got a daughter-in-law like you. She asks why did you put less sugar in tea. Rajjo says I want to take kundan bangles. Amma scolds him. Rajjo says I will bring it. Amma says leave. Rajjo says even if I stir the tea with my fingers, it will become sweet. Amma says you didn’t have tongue before marriage. Happu hides and thinks Amma will not argue with him. Rajjo taunts Amma. Amma asks him not to make tea again. Rajjo says very well, make tea for me, as well as yours.

Happu comes to Amma. Amma scolded him and said that your wife was arguing with me. Happu tells her not to fight with him. Amma says she fights with me. She says that she never argued with her mother-in-law. Happu asks her not to argue or fight with Rajjo. Amma says I am not afraid of him. Happu says you have to be scared too and says he is Russian now. Amma asks what are you saying? She thinks she has dandruff. Happu says that he is a Russian spy. Dada ji says I am not going to accept it even if I have to die. Amma asks how many times will you die. She says I will not agree. Happu says I have seen Natalia’s file with my own eyes. Amma asks him to hold her. Happu says that Natalia has a team and they have done many murders. Dada ji tells Amma to fight with the daughter-in-law and when she shoots him, come to her. Amma gets angry. Happu asks Amma to have a nice chat with him. Amma says if I don’t taunt her then I will get gas. Happu says listen to me for God’s sake. Grandfather says that the name Natalia is better than Rajesh. Amma scolds him.

Later in the night, a Russian man comes and meets Rajjo. He gives her a book. Happu thinks that he must be giving some secret work. Rajjo asks will I learn the language from this book. Rajjo tells Rusi that her English is not good. The man says that he speaks Russian and says that English is not good. He asks her to read the book. She says I will speak Russian fluently in a week. The boy gives his card and leaves. Happu gets sad. Rajjo feels that the language is very difficult. Happu cries and thinks that the wife of an inspector is a Russian spy.

Chamchi and Ranbir call Rajjo to complain. Vimlesh tells Malaika and the others that Rajjo has no time for useless things, and asks them to learn to do things on their own.

Ranbir and Chamchi tell Malaika not to let Mummy work. Malaika asks what is this new drama? Chamchi tells about Monto’s problem. Ranbir says if Mummy gets a job, she will be busy. Chamchi says Dadi is good, but all the responsibility of the house will fall on us. She says that if they decide to get divorced. Malaika says nothing like this will happen. She says mummy will not do the job.

Natalia catches a boy. The boy says leave me. Natalia shoots the boy and he falls down. Happu asks Amma to smile and not react. Chamchi asks Malaika if she has added black pepper to the tea. Malaika says yes, she will get hiccups. Ranbir says that they will think that mommy is not doing household chores properly. Chamchi says Dadi will let her work now. Rajjo brings tea and gives it to Amma and Happu. They sip tea and make faces.

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