Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kat’s realistic dreams

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The episode starts with Malaika noticing Hrithik not yet ready for school and asks if he doesn’t want to go to school. Hrithik says he doesn’t want to. Chamchi reveals that he didn’t write exam well. Hrithik fights with him. Happu scolds Hrithik. Hrithik says principal will restricate him this time. Kat enters and says he need not worry as he will come first in Maths exam. Principal enters. Happu says he will die after 100 years as they were talking about him. Principal informs that Hrithik came first in class. Family is shocked to hear that. Principal slips on marbles and falls down.

Kat falls asleep on Kamlesh’s bike while reaching college. Kamlesh gets happy. She reveals that she dreamed of Malaika beating him badly. He disagrees. She leaves. He thinks even if Kat’s dream comes true, he will give a good gift to Malaika and convince her not to beat him.

At home, Vimlesh manicures Amma. Amma asks how she controls Beni. She says Beni knows how to keep new wife happy by obeying her. Amma says even Happu is joru ka ghulam/wife’s servant even now. Rajesh says Happu told he has gone on his father. Amma gets angry. Children return from school. Chamchi says Hrithik scoring high in Maths exam is a coincidence and it will never repeat. Hrithik argues. Amma and Rajesh join them. Their drama continues.

Happu visits police station with a thief. Manohar asks who is he. Happu says he is Chutki gang member and dreams of getting praises from commissioner. Thief tries to speak, but Happu doesn’t let him speak.

At night, Kat describes her dream to Malaika. Kamlesh enters via window as usual. Malaika tongue lashes him. Kat asks him to go as she is busy. He says he wants to gift Malaika first. Malaika asks why did he bring gift when its not even her birthday. He says she is also his bestfriend. She says she says she is not even his friend. He insists to accept gift. She checks gift and sees a striped chaddi/bermuda. He gets tensed seeing that. She beats him black and blue. Kat says she already warned him about her dream and prays god to help her. After sometime, Kat dreams again. Rajesh with Chamchi visits her. Chamchi says Kat’s eyes are rolling, she must be dreaming something really bad. Rajesh wakes her up. Kat wakes up seeing a nightmare about Beni and says Beni will be in trouble. Rajesh asks what did she say. Kat says Beni got a severe back sprain. Rajesh says its just a dream and hears Beni shouting.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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