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The episode starts with Happu and Beni gambling during their usual daily alcohol session. Happu asks Beni to increase bet amount. Beni says he doesn’t get bribe like him and has to manage on his client fees which Vimlesh takes away from her and gives him only pocket money. Their discussion continues when Rajesh and Vimlesh return from their friend’s house warming ceremony and boast about the facilities available at her friend’s apartment building where there is swimming pool, cricket ground, jogging track, club, etc. Happu says playing games in open has its own pleasure. Vimlesh says if he visits her friend’s flat, he wouldn’t like to get out of it. Happu gets adamant.

During dinner, discussion continues. Hrithik sits silently without having dinner. Rajesh questions him. He says his friends go to a swimming pool at a club, but he can’t because of Happu. Happu says jumping in road pits and swimming there has its own pleasure. Ranbir says his friends go to gym for a fit body. Amma says they should eat less instead of going to gym. Happu says he never went to a gym and is is fit. Children taunt him for his pot belly and once insist him to buy a flat to avail all the amenities. He denies. Happu returns to his room. Rajesh gets romantic with Happu and then insists him to buy a flat. He denies again.

Vimlesh also gets romantic with Beni and demands a lavish top floor flat so that they can romantically enjoy tea in balcony. He says they can have tea in lawn also. She says Happu roams around wearing baniyan scratching his tummy and dogs bark seeing him. Beni says he doesn’t have money. She acts angry and insists, but he continues excusing citing lack of money.

Kamlesh enters Kat’s room via window as usual and says he has a good news for her as he may get busy from tomorrow. She asks reason. He says he is joining his father’s real estate business. She says he means a shop. He says he means house. She questions what is the difference. He says he will send shop, flats, houses, open spaces according to client’s request and earn commission from his papa.

Next morning, Rajesh serves tea to Happu and Amma. Amma says she dreamt about shifting in a 6th floor flat and enjoying seeing people small like ants. He says they discussed about flat yesterday and at night she saw same dream. Rajesh asks him to think of it. He says they need to check legalities and cannot buy a flat with an agent. Kat walks in and informs that Kamlesh’s father Sudarshan uncle is a real estate agent, Kamlesh joined his father’s business and can show them best flats. Amma asks her to inform Kamlesh to show them a few flats.

Happu visits police station where Reshampal is already present who gives him a task of finding a plot worth 1-1.5 crores. Manohar says commissioner has a lot of money. Happu says its his hard work in some case which Reshampal took away and hence he will snatch his right from Reshampal and buy a big flat.

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