Harphoul Mohini 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Balwant gets a mobile clinic for the village



Harfaul Mohini 19 August 2022 written episode, written update on TeleUpdates.com

scene 1
Mohini Statue Harfaul. She says this is my coffee. He can’t move until he returns my coffee. Mai says she feels good being an idol. keep it like this Mohini takes back the cup and says. She says I am not like her. Harfaul says I was just smelling it. I was not going to drink it. Shalini comes. Harfaul says he is here. Shalini says I will win best DIL competition. I know how to cook all this. Mohini says how will you cook so much? She says yes. Harfall tells Mohini that you cannot do all this. She says don’t underestimate me. Vegetables will be brought from the market. He says ask my support. Mohini asks Santok can you tell me about Sabzi Mandi? He says yes. Come with me.

scene 2
Surinder hears a woman screaming as he straightens his knife. He says Tao you will die by my hands. He sees Balwant and hides his knife. He says I will kill you one day.
Mohini and Santok go to the market. Harphool follows them. Mohini sees a car hitting the Harfall. Mohini saves him. Abhi says thank god he saved you. Mohini says I will always be there to support her.

Sharda comes to her Surinder. He says you will not need permission to come to my room. She wipes his tears. He says I will trouble him. She says Surinder can you tell Phoolmati that there is already a clinic on paper in this village. Mohini has to find the evidence.

Mohini sees the dispensary in the van. She calls it a mobile dispensary? We were working very hard for this. Harfaul says it could be Balwant’s plan. Balwant comes there. Balwant’s men say that they have started this mobile clinic for the people of this village. Balwant says I thought my people should have a clinic. I don’t want anyone to suffer like me. All of you can get free treatment and test here. This was Mohini’s idea. She was trying to set up a clinic in the village. I did it for him. Everyone applauds. He says I want Mohini to inaugurate it. Mohini says sure I will do it. He inaugurated the clinic. Balwant leaves.

scene 3
Surinder comes to Phoolmati and tells about Balwant’s plan. Shalini comes there. Surinder hid. Mohini asks Harphool what happened. He says this man has a plan. He cannot do anything for the people of this village. Mohini says this clinic will help people. that’s all that matters. Mai thinks about what Surinder said. Mohini asks the doctor to open the door. Balwant’s man says we will not treat you. Mohini says we also want free body check. He says you have to take an appointment. Mohini says fine. We will come tomorrow They go.

Balwant’s phone falls. He chooses it. He calls his man and says yes I have sent them. Balwant laughs. He says now she will see what I do.

episode ends

Precap- Balwant says Ganga will disturb Kaki Mohini. Ganga rejects Mohini that she cannot cook their food or win the competition.

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