Imlie 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupali Overhears Malini’s Conversation

NB returns to his lavish bungalow with many servants working around. Imlie reaches hostel and remembers her words to Adi. She thinks she left hostel on holi and returned on diwali, only Seeta maiya knows where she will celebrate her next festival. NB looks at his dead elder brother’s photo. His mother speaks in broken English and asks why is he so late on Diwali day. He says she should hire a teacher to learn English. She says she has a son and daughter to teach her, he is always busy over phone speaking in English, so she is learning English so that her son can speak to her. He hugs and consoles her. Imlie enters hostel and tells warden that she needs a room. Warden tries to remember her name guthli, khatai, ambiya.. Imlie says her name is Imlie. Warden says its a weird name and asks where is her sindhoor, she was married, if her husband kicked her out of house. Imlie says she wants to know 1 month hostel expenses. Warden says village girls like her trap city boys and stay in their house, but when differences creep up or in-laws deny to accept them as bahu/DIL, they search hostels. NB’s mother’s tells him that since Arvin’s accidental death, this house’s happiness left with him and her son stopped laughing. He says he remembers only 3 things, didi’s tears, Arvind bhai’s dreams, and third one he will tell later. He shows her property papers where didi and Arvind wanted to open an NGO. She asks him to give them to her and asks servant to call Arpita. Servant says didi went to temple. She gets tensed thinking Arpita fears fire and there would be lamps and havans in temple. NB runs towards temple.

Imlie tells warden that last time she didn’t have ID card and deposit and just had scholarship, now she is City College’s first year student and will study well and succeed in life, but warden is still a warden and will be standing behind table always . Warden gives her room keys. Imlie taunts her to remember her name Imlie which can sour anyone’s teeth. She walks away happily holding keys and remembering someone’s advice to move ahead in life forgetting her past. In T house, Malini sees Pankaj, Aparna, and Rupali sitting silently on dining chairs and serves them Chinese food. They all 3 walk away. She thinks it will take time for them to forget Imlie, anyways she will take lunch to Adi now. Warden mixes chilli powder in Imlie’s food to teach her a lesson and leaves food outside her hostel room. Imlie picks the food tray and thinks Adi would fall ill if he had not had food.

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