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Imlie Rejects Aditya’s Request Again

Imlie Rejects Aditya's Request Again

Aryan reaches hospital and asks receptionist about Arpita’s room. Receptionist informs him room number. He hears a boy pleading nurse to get his ill mother admitted, but nurse denying to admit her for not paying fees, gives his card to the receptionist and asks to pay even that woman’s bills from his card. Receptionist asks why is he paying unknown person’s bill. Aryan says a person should cry only in 3 condition, 1 when his friend betrays him, another if he couldn’t wipe his dear one’s tears, third one he will tell later; he doesn’t want any debt on that boy and walks away asking again to pay boy’s mother’s and his sister’s bills from his account.

Imlie walks out of Arptia’s room and remembers she forgot to return her ring. Ring falls, Aryan picks it and alleges her that she steals from rich people. Imlie him aa fitting reply in her style. He says she stole his sister’s wedding ring and warns to dare not come near him and his sister again. She warns him to leave her hand or else she will break it. He leaves her and she walks away fuming. Adi reaches hospital and noticing her walking runs behind her and holds her hand. She gets angry but relaxes seeing him.

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