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The Episode starts with Chanda asking if we have done any mistake. Mayank’s mother asks her to give the nek and then only their daughter can come to their house. Chanda says we have done as per your sayings. Taya ji says this is not right. Mayank’s mother says you will give us happily whatever we ask and asks for Paragi’s hand for Gulshan. Paragi is shocked and looks at Gulshan. Taya ji Parashad says we haven’t thought about it, and she is studying now. Mayank’s mother tells that they have no demand, and says Aditi’s bidaai will happen when you agree for Paragi’s marriage with Gulshan. Shiva thinks good times have come. Mayank’s mother says you have won a lottery, we have unburden your burden. Chanda says we shall talk later after Aditi’s bidaai. Parashad asks them to let the bidaai happen. Mayank’s mother says Aditi’s bidaai will happen when you give Gulshan, the gift which he is demanding. Chanda asks Taya ji not to say and gives coconut and coin, says Paragi has become of Gulshan now. She hugs Mayank’s mother and acts happy. She tells Aditi that Paragi will come to her sasural soon as her Devrani and cries hugging her. Mayank’s mother asks her not to get late now and asks Mayank to sit in his new car. Aditi and Mayank sit in the car. Gulshan eyes Paragi and leaves.

Paragi tells Romi that she is very scared and says I have done mistake. Romi says you haven’t done any mistake. Paragi says I will tell Gulshan’s truth to everyone and hopes Chanda understands this and will break this alliance. Chanda and Shiva sit to count the envelopes money. Paragi comes there and says I have to talk to you. Chanda asks her to work in the kitchen to learn something and join ladies gym. Romi asks her to hear what she wants to say. Chanda asks her to go and take sweets for her parents. She gives her sweets box and asks her to go. Romi leaves. Paragi tells that she don’t want to marry Aditi’s brother in law Gulshan. Chanda tells that they are good people, and you are lucky that guy liked you. She asks what a girl wants? Paragi says respect, and tells that Gulshan wanted to play with my respect. She tells everything whatever Gulshan had done. She says she had tied Gulshan to the chair, and says that’s how I got saved, else. She says a guy Sanjay helped me and that’s why Gulshan wants to take revenge. Elder brother claps and says if my real sister’s marriage had stopped. Parashad hears and says he had touched you. He asks her to tell and asks if he misbehaved with you. Paragi nodes her head. Taya ji asks Chanda, if she heard and says this is the reason that Mayank’s mother was stubborn for this alliance. He says I will break his hands and will teach him a lesson. Chanda says we have to get this marriage done. Parashad refuses to get Paragi married to Gulshan. Chanda says you have to get your niece married for Aditi’s sake. She says why she was showing her waist and says dog will get happy seeing such things. Her brothers also blame her. Younger brother asks who is that Sanjay? Taya ji says Sanjay Pathak is better than you both. Paragi says I don’t want to marry now, and don’t want to marry that animal Gulshan, never. Chanda says he is a good guy and that’s why decided to marry you. She asks shall we call Aditi back. Paragi says jija ji is good, but Gulshan. Chanda says Gulshan is not wrong, but you are wrong. Taya ji asks Paragi to come with him and says I will see, how this marriage happens.

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