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The Episode starts with Sanjay telling Parashar and Chanda that he wants to ask them something and knows that they will not refuse. Parashar asks him to say. Sanjay says I will call you badi mummy and you as Papa from today also, and you will call me Sanjay beta. They happily agree. Chanda does the rituals of Tilak and gives the gifts to Sanjay. Sanjay thanks her. Nutan signs Sushma. Sushma asks all the kids to go. Sanjay and Abhay go from there. Sushma asks Chanda if they will do relatives tilak. Parashar says we are ready and shows the envelope. Pramod asks if they have brought only the envelopes. Chanda says we will not give you a chance to complain, and shows the gold coin box. Vinod asks what is all this, Sushma? He asks Chanda, why it is needed? Parashar asks Chanda. Chanda says we shall do his relatives tilak and tells Parashar that she is Paragi’s mummy and arranged somehow. Atul thinks from where did Maa get the money? Chanda recalls Sushma giving the money to her to buy the gold coins. Chanda is surprised. Sushma tells that they can’t land their bahu and her family in problem. She says rasam is of our home, so I will give the money. Chanda gives the gold coins and shagun envelope to the guests. Sushma thinks I gave money to Chanda to save Paragi from relatives’ taunt.

Sanjay comes to meet Paragi. Romi makes a design on Sanjay’s hand. Sanjay says we will start your mehendi start up after result. He tells Paragi that she is looking good. Paragi says I am nervous, tomorrow is our marriage and result too. Sanjay says it is unique. Paragi says it is fun to go together for training. He says he will make the parking space spacious.

Some goons come to Chanda’s house and threaten Atul. Chanda asks them to leave her son. The goon threatens her and goes. Chanda asks who are they? Atul tells that they were money lender bhaiyya ji’s men and tells that he had taken money from them, and used it for scheme which is duped. He asks her to save him. Chanda is shocked. Paragi comes there and calls Atul. She asks why are you crying? Chanda tells that he has lost the money which I had given him for your marriage. Paragi says don’t scold Bhaiyya, I will search the money. Chanda says you are going to be bride, don’t search it, go and rest.

Next day, Paragi gets ready for marriage. Parashar cries and says you are going to a good house, but will go far from me. Paragi says I am yours first, and tells that you have right on me first. Romi comes there and compliments Paragi. She says today is your marriage and also our results. Atul tells Chanda that bhaiyya ji is calling him and says if his men come here. Parashar asks them. Chanda says he is talking about inviting my guests.

Sanjay gets ready in Sherwani. Sushma takes off the bad sight from him. She says today is your marriage and asks him to remember and make sure that his wife is comfortable in the house. She asks him to promise that her bahu will never get tears in her eyes. Sanjay promises him. Vinod asks him to balance between wife and mother. Sanjay says I can’t believe that I am getting married, lets hurry. Nutan says you have forgotten about result. Sanjay says only I know how nervous I am. Everyone dances in the baraat. Sanjay sends her video message that he will do his duty in any circumstances, and coming to her. Chanda gets worried for Atul and prays to God. Kinkar says baraat came. Paragi looks at Sanjay through the window and thinks she is lucky to have life partner like him. A guest tries to instigate Chanda against Paragi, saying she will rule in Pathak’s house and comparing her life to that of Aditi’s life in her inlaws house. Chanda welcomes Sanjay and asks him to come inside. Sushma asks Chanda to pull his nose. Parashar says it is Jai Mala’s time.

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