Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sanjay’s uncle insults Paragi

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Paragi crying after coming out of Sanjay’s uncle cabin. A girl asks who this girl is crying. Paragi washes her face. Romi comes there and asks if she is fine. She asks her not to hide her tears, but wipe it. She says I will talk to Abba about your fees, and asks her to come. Paragi says I won’t let you do this, and says she don’t want any favour. Romi says return it when you get. Paragi says Money is like a poison and refuses to take money from her. She asks her to go and attend her class. She says everyone has to fight their own fight and says nobody can separate me from my IAS dream, and asks her to go. Romi goes inside the institute. Paragi thinks she has to do something, can’t accept defeat, thinks what to do.

They check the gifts and envelope. Elder son takes out the money from the envelope, and signs his wife. His wife distracts her brother in law, while he steals the money. He tells that Pathak gave 1000 Rs just. Chanda says Aditi’s inlaws make her life miserable, if Paragi doesn’t marry Gulshan. Parashar tells Chanda that he is going to Aditi’s inlaws home, to refuse for Paragi and Gulshan’s message. He is leaving. Chanda runs behind him and tries to make him understand, that they shall agree to Aditi inlaws’s demand for her happiness. He refuses to agree. Chanda thinks I will see, how you refuse. They come to Aditi’s sasural. Aditi’s mother in law and says we thought Atul or kinkar will come to take sister home. She says you have brought sweets and fruits for daughter and asks them to keep it. They keep it. Chanda says actually….Parashar tells that they came to talk to her. She asks why did you come without calling us. Gulshan comes there. Parashar apologizes for coming without informing them. Gulshan greets them. Mayank signs him to touch his feet. Parashar stops him and asks them not to take the matter on hearts, and says you have liked my younger daughter and I am thankful for it. He says Paragi wants to study now and even I don’t want her to get married now. He says we have settled down Aditi as she wanted to. Mayank, Gulshan and his family are angry. Parashar asks them to agree and bless Paragi. Aditi’s Mother in law says you have agreed before. Chanda says actually. Parashar says we did a mistake and tells them that Paragi don’t want to marry now. Aditi gets worried. Aditi’s mother in law asks them to leave. They leave.

Aditi’s mother in law and thinks Paragi’s education will prove costly for her. They have insulted us. Paragi thinks to attend the class and looks at the window. Sanjay sees Romi and thinks some magic shall happen, and Paragi shall come here. He looks at her pic in his mobile. He imagines her near the board and coming to him. He smiles. Song plays…..He smiles as his imagination ends. Paragi keeps the bricks and cold drink tray and stands to attend the class secretly. Sanjay sees her and thinks I am seeing you only everywhere, I couldn’t concentrate in the class and throws the pen cap on her. It falls on her face and she shouts. The professor asks who is she, to attend the class secretly. Paragi loses her balance and falls down. Sanjay runs out, followed by others. He helps her get up. Romi asks are you fine. Sanjay’s uncle comes there and asks if thieves will get ready with the stolen education. He insults her and calls her characterless, and shameless. He says you don’t have self respect and any shame. He says if you become IAS then how will you improve your thoughts. Sanjay says Chachu. His Uncle stops him. Paragi says I have done a mistake, but don’t have the money to give at once. He asks if others are foolish to pay the fees with their hard earned money and asks her not to see the dreams more than she could. Paragi says it is my childhood dream to become IAS office. She says I will crack UPSC and pleads in front of him. He shouts asking her to leave. He says if you can pay the fees then you can, but if you try to steal the education, then you can’t even buy the books. He warns her and asks her to get out. Paragi pleads with his wife. He says get out. Sanjay looks sad as she cries and leaves. His uncle asks the students to go to their classroom. Paragi runs out.

Precap: Aditi asks Paragi to save her marriage and agree to marry Gulshan. Sanjay tells his father that he will talk to Chachu about Paragi. He tries to convince her to let the students study, who can’t afford to pay the fees, and talks about starting Dadaji’s trust funding their education.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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