Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Yashoda promises Vrinda’s mother

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The Episode starts with Yashoda crying asking what did happen due to her mistake. Rohini asks her to trust Narayan. Subal, Sudama, and others promise to search Vrinda. Nand says I will go and begin the search. Vrinda’s mother comes there and asks Yashoda to bring back Vrinda, else she can’t live, says she is her world. Yashoda hugs her and says I can understand a mother’s pain. She says nothing will happen to Vrinda, she will be found. Vrinda’s mother says I just trust you and asks her to give her promise that she will bring her daughter back. Yashoda is about to promise her. Kanha asks Balram to stop Maiyya. Balram asks why? He says I will not stop Maiyya and asks him to stop her. Kanha goes to Yashoda and signs her not to give promise, and holds her hand. Yashoda tells Kanha that this all happened due to me, your kaki needs assurance now, I have to give her promise. She promises to bring Vrinda back under any circumstances.

Kans thinks Gokul residents couldn’t find who is doing this. His innerself comes there and tells that this is done by that magical boy. He says Guru Shukracharya had told that he likes to do leela, and does strange things which nobody can think of. Kans says we have to make that magical boy’s leelas unsuccessful. His innerself asks him to make Gokul residents believe that he is behind it and then take advantage of it.

Subal tells that he knows all the way, and shall go there. Sudama says if we get vanish like Vrinda. Madhumangal says Subal is with us, we will come out. Balram says even I am there. Sudama says I am scared. Subal asks him not to get scared. Kanha asks Balram to stop them. Balram thinks why and says Vrinda is our friend and we shall search her. Kanha says do as I say. Balram tells the team members that they shall not search Vrinda. Subal and Madhumangal insist to go. Subal says Surbhi will come with us. They find Surbhi missing. Balram says we shall search Surbhi.

Yashoda enquires with everyone about Vrinda. She informs Vrinda’s mother that Surbhi is part of the kids’ team and is missing. In the night, Kans’ informer comes there and tells that whoever is getting missing from Gokul, is in Kans’s captivity. He asks them to say as Maharaj say else people will not return. Yashoda asks why Maharaj has kidnapped the cow. The informer tells that Maharaj Kans haven’t kidnapped the cows, and asked them to drop their Kanha to the same place in Neelwan, else people will get vanished. Yashoda runs to her house and packs Kanha’s bags. Rohini asks what happened? Yashoda says we have to leave with Kanha right now. Nand comes there. Yashoda says Kanha is my entire life and I won’t let anything happen to him. Nand says I won’t let anything happen to him. She recalls her promise made to Vrinda’s mother and cries. Rohini asks her to have patience. Yashoda says I am going to stuck in a big problem, I shall leave now itself with Kanha. Balram asks Kanha, what Maiyya is saying? Kanha says I had told you, that Maiyya shouldn’t have promised Vrinda’s mother. He says we are going to stuck in a big problem. Subal, Sudama and Madhumangal come to the Neelwan and sees many cows going somewhere. They think to give this info to everyone. All the cows of Gokul free themselves and go to search Surbhi. Kanha tells Balram that they are going to search Surbhi.

Yashoda gets emotional and recalls her moments with Kanha. She is about to leave. Nand and Rohini try to stop her. Vrinda’s mother comes there.

Precap: Vrinda’s mother asks her to either bring Vrinda back or handover Kanha to Kans. Kanha tells Balram that he has to do his Leela to bring out Yashoda from trouble.

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