Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Balram telling Kanha that he can’t win from Maiyya. Kanhaiya says I haven’t won from Maiyya. Balram says Maiyya got an idea to tie you. Rohini asks Yashoda if she will tie Kanha with flowers. Yashoda says she will tie him with the flower garland. Rohini says he will break it. Yashoda says he will not break it. She takes his measurement and sits to make the rope. She makes rope and asks Kanha to stand silently. She finds the measurement wrong and the rope is getting short of size. Kanha says he is leeladhar and did his leela. Yashoda asks more flowers to make the rope long, but still it doesn’t fit Kanha and the chair. She thinks to add more flowers, but it is over. She says what is this Maya? Kanha says it is your lalla’s maya. She recalls taking his anklet measurement. She says I will tie this bandhan to him. Kanha says he enjoys free. She tells that she will arrange the flowers and then tie the rope to him. She asks Balram to keep eye on him.

Kanha tells Balram that new leela is going to start in Gokul and this is the beginning for that. Gokul residents come to Nand and tells that their family members are getting missing in Neelwan. Nand says how can this happen, who is behind it? The lady says Kans. Nand promises to bring back the missing people.

Informer tells Kans that Gokul residents are doubting on him. Kans says if I will do such a cheap thing and says I will not do anything behind the back. He asks him to give all the info and also the reason for them to go missing. Vrinda comes home. Balram asks her, why did Yashoda Maiyya call you? Vrinda says I didn’t know, else I wouldn’t have shaken up with fear. Yashoda asks her to help her in a work and says I need your help. Vrinda asks what? Yashoda asks her to promise first.

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