Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Khushi’s bidaai rituals

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 12th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bade Papa blessing Ankit and Khushi. He says Khushi is our good luck, our first daughter, I had made this FD at the time of her birth. He gives her the FD. He says people call me miser, I don’t give anything to anyone, but today I m giving Khushi to you, keep her safe. Ankit says she will always be yours. Sunanda cries and hugs Khushi. Chandru says I wish you get all the happiness. Khushi asks him to cry if he wants. He says no. She says you want to cry, I know. He cries and asks Ankit to take care of Khushi. He gives a songs pendrive to Ankit and says don’t worry, I didn’t sing. He hugs Ankit and Khushi. Sargam scolds Khushi for the last time and cries. Everyone gets emotional and bless Khushi in her bidaai. Sargam gives the recipe book as a gift. Goli also cries talking of Khushi’s childhood. She praises Khushi. She says if there is any problem then tell me, I will xplain her. Ankit says I will ask you to not tell her anything. They all smile. Goli thanks him. She gives the sweater she made for Khushi and hugs her. Khushi hugs Anu and Chavi. Sargam asks Khushi to come. Anu says Khushi asked me for a gift. Khushi smiles and recalls her words. Anu says its my gift for my sister. He sings a song for her. He hugs Khushi. Bade Papa talks about his dad naming them according to his poem, so Khushi wanted to hear this poem at the time ofher bidaai. Khushi does the bidaai rituals. She leaves with Ankit. Everyone cries. Anu hugs Chandru. Golu says we will also get a bahu soon. He thinks Gungun will come here.

Its morning, Divya shows the bad food reviews of the function written on social media. Sunanda asks Goli not to get angry. Goli says I will also criticize their family function. Sargam says calm down. Neeti shows the gift given by Riddhesh. Everyone likes it and say its costly. Goli asks why did we accept it. Sargam asks how could we refuse. Goli says its a burden, when Gungun gets married, then we have to give costly gift. Golu teases Anu. Yug says help us in packing gifts. Anu says no, I have to go and meet Dr Gupta. Sargam asks him to have some food. He says okay. Gungun comes to have breakfast. Riddhesh asks when did you sleep. Gungun says I didn’t note time, don’t scold me in the morning, appreciate me for waking up before 12. bade Papa applauds Yug and Anu. He taunts his brothers. Everyone smiles. Chandru asks what do you mean. He says Anu, you got us scolded. Golu says he is waiting for his marriage so he worked so hard, we found a girl. Sargam asks what. Anu stops Golu and says its better than I take Sanyas than marrying that girl, how can Riddhesh’s daughter be a spoilt brat.

Anu asks how do you know her. Golu says she will have good values like her family. Anu sees Gungun and taunts. He meets her and gets into an argument.

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