Kanha and Balram locate the butter storehouse

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The Episode starts with Balrama telling the kids that they shall search the place where Gokul residents keep the butter, so that Kans don’t get anything as tax. Madhumangal thinks he is hungry thinking about milk and butter. Vrinda catches an apple and tells Sudama that they shall follow the ladies taking the pots. Balram says we can’t go now, else will be caught. Nand comes there and asks them to return home. He asks Balram to take Kanha home. Kanha tells Balram that they have to go home now. Balram says how to search the storeroom for the butter. Kanha says he has an idea and says he will show the way. She says Maa said that one pot is remaining, if it gets over, then Nand Baba will go to the storeroom to get the pot. Balram appreciates his idea. He tells Yashoda that he is hungry. Sudama and Vrinda are outside and thinking to take Subal out of his house. She throws stone on his house. Subal’s father comes out and asks who is there? He couldn’t see them and goes inside. Vrinda says if Subal doesn’t come out this time, then we will leave. She throws the stone. Subal comes out and the stone hits him. Rohini asks Balram if his stomach is full now. Balram says some place is remaining in stomach and asks them to give butter. Yashoda says I will give surely. Rohini stops her and says you said that it is for tomorrow. Yashoda says Balram will eat little. Balram says Maiyya didn’t know how much I will eat. Subal tells them that he will come. His mother comes there and asks what are they doing here? Vrinda says Subal will say. Subal says Sudama is alone at home so we thought to sleep with him in his house. His mother agree. Vrinda asks Subal to take them to the butter storehouse. Subal says ok and asks them not to trap him. Yashoda serves butter to Balram. Balram eats it and asks for more. Kanha laughs. Balram finishes again and asks for more. Yashoda is surprised and gives more. Balram eats fast and says he wants more. Kanha says you will end all Gokul’s butter. Yashoda finds the pot over. Balram asks for more. Nand asks shall I go and get some butter from the storehouse. Yashoda says I always keep some butter at home.

Subal, Sudama and Subal come to the storehouse and a pot breaks by them. The guards run behind them, and they hide. Subal cry. They keep hand on each other’s mouth.

Yashoda brings the butter and gives to Balram. Balram finishes it. He couldn’t eat and tells Kanha that Maiyya has hidden so much butter. Kanha says you shall eat some more. Nand asks Balram to stop eating. Kanga says we have to locate the storehouse. Balram faints and falls down. Yashoda asks if your stomach is full and laughs. Kanha says Dao. Balram folds his hands and says not anymore.

The guards think to inform Mukhiya Nand. The two guards go to Nand’s house and inform him about the thieves there. Nand says who will steal the milk, curd and butter from there. The guard says someone might want to stop us from paying tax. Balram tells Kanha that thieves have gone there. Kanha laughs and says it will be enjoyable to catch the thieves. Nand searches for the thieves. The kids distract them. Subal prays to God to protect them. Kanha comes there. They go out through the window. Nand thinks someone was here, at this place. Kanha is taking them along with him. Subal says we shall go from this direction. Kanha asks them to come behind him. Vrinda says we will be behind him and asks him to walk. Kanha runs and brings them to his house. Yashoda knocks on the door and asks who is with you. Balram opens the door. Yashoda sees the kids there and asks when did you come here? Balram says we are fully trapped, what will we do?

Precap: Kans’s soldiers threaten to tell Kans. Nand says he will give all the butter to him and takes butter pot from Yashoda. Balram says we shall confess that we have stolen all the butter. Kanha says I will take the blame on myself.

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