Kans can’t withstand infront of Kanha’s team

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The Episode starts with Kanha telling Devi Parvati/yog Maya that this chapter will be important part of his story. Kanha asks who are you? Devi Parvati says I am yog Maya, Poornmasi and says I will protect Krishna and says she is his sister. She asks Kans to return and says I will not let you walk towards Krishn. Kanha says time has come to tell them that new game is about to begin. Balram tells the friends that they shall play, and will enjoy it. Subal says we shall begin it. Balram says we shall hold each other’s hands. Vrinda says what we shall do. Balram thinks what he shall tell and says once we hold each other’s hand, the game will begin and we shall not leave each other’s hand irrespective of whatever happens. Kanhaiya song plays….They all hold each other’s hand. Balram says what is the game chote? Kanha asks him to wait and have patience.

Kans tells that he don’t raise his weapon on a woman. Devi Parvati says don’t you feel shy saying this and says you have hurt all women and hurt many kids. She says the boy whom you are searching is a son of a woman. She says your sister is also a woman, whom you have kept captive. She says you are afraid. Kans says you are afraid and asks him to leave his Maya and face him. Devi Parvati says you don’t have the courage to see my any avatars, and says you will be foolish always. Kans says how dare you? She says I thought to give you a chance, but not anymore. She says I will kill you. Kanha says behna is very angry and the decisions taken in anger is wrong. Devi Parvati throws a trishul on Kans. Kanha asks her to stop and says his death is not written in your hands. He says I will kill him when the right time comes. He requests her not to kill him. Devi Parvati says how to leave Kans. Kanha says there is a plan and tells that they are ready to play game with him.

Devi Parvati gets back her trishul and tells Kans that she will give him another chance. She comes infront of him. She says remember this, if you attack me then your reflection will leave you. Kans says you are yourself foolish and says reflection never leaves us. He says he is never afraid of her magic and asks her to get ready to fight with him. He raises his sword to attack her. Devi Parvati asks him to keep track on his reflection, and says may be it will leave you, don’t blame me. Kans looks at his reflection going far from him and becoming of a woman’s reflection. He gets shocked and asks what is the magic? Devi Parvati laughs and says the person torturing the women, is looking like a woman. He asks akroor, if he is looking like a woman. Akroor says no, you are yourself. Kanha says why my reflection is like a woman. Kanha says our game begins when we go there. Balram says now the game is about to begin and we will be tested. He asks if we will be afraid if a cruel King attack us with his soldiers. They get scared. Kanha asks him to have patience. Vrinda says I will not be afraid of that cruel King.

Kans is still shocked. He says you haven’t left your magic and can’t fight with a man without tricking him. Devi Parvati says you will not understand women and says I will not use my Maya. Kans raises sword to attack her. Devi Parvati stops him and asks did you come here to fight with me or to search that boy. Kans asks if she is playing another trick. Devi Parvati says I can bring that boy infront of you, without using my powers. Kanha comes there with his team. Kans looks at them. Devi Parvati says one among them is your kaal and Devi’s 8th child. Kans looks at Kanha and smiles, identifying him. Kanha says I haven’t forgotten the tortures which you have done on my parents, I can kill you now itself, but your kaal time haven’t come till now. Kans says my Kaal, Maha bali Kans’ kaal. Devi Parvati says this is truth. Kans says this is also magic, I know. Devi Parvati says I am sure that you have no courage and is afraid of that boy. Kans says he will kill him. Devi Parvati asks him to scare them and says if you could fear them then I will accept my defeat. Kans says they will be afraid with my one roar. Akroor says it is easy for you, kill him and return to Mathura victorious. Kans thinks they are already afraid and roars. Balram tells Kanha that they can get afraid and leave our hands. Kanha asks them to hold their hands tightly. Kans roars. The kids start laughing. Devi Parvati smiles. Kans roars aloud. The kids laugh aloud. Surbhi Moos. Devi Parvati says the kids are laughing at you, rather than getting afraid. Kans throws the sword and roars aloud. The kids laugh. Surbhi moos again. Kans says why they are not getting scared? Devi Parvati says your arrogance is broken by their innocent laugh. She says you couldn’t scare him or his team. She asks him to return and never to think of crossing this jungle, else you will get in woman’s avatar fully. Kans gets afraid. Devi Parvati stamps her foot on the ground. The land tears and makes a line. She says I will always keep eye on this line. Kanha says you have to face my team before facing me.

Precap: Kans asks Akroor to send soldiers to Gokul and make an announcement that they have to give double tax. Kanha and his team search for the butter and start eating. Kanha says this time Mama will not get any tax.

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