Kans returns to Palace defeated

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The Episode starts with Devi Parvati asking Kans to return and says I will always keep eye on this line. Kans starts walking to his chariot and gets in. He tells that he is taking some moments back, and he don’t have to come himself to kill this boy. He says see Kans Maya, I will kill Devki’s 8th son with my Maya. They leave. The kids laugh.

Vrinda says Surbhi made everyone happy. Kanha thanks Devi Parvati and says you have showed to entire universe, that even sister protects her brother. She says you will protect me. He says we shall go home. Yashoda and Rohini see the kids missing and think where did they go? They come out of house to see them. Devi Parvati comes as Poornmasi and tells that all kids are sleeping. Yashoda asks why are they sleeping in lawn. Poornmasi tells that they heard my story and slept peacefully. She asks her to arrange butter and food for them.

Madhumangal, and other kids tell that they thought that they have seen a dream and were at a different place. They think it as a dream. Poornmasi says your team is superior and I haven’t seen such a team before. She says now I shall return to Ashram. Kanha comes to her and hugs her. She gets teary eyes. Balram and other kids hug her too.

Balram asks Kanha to think about other game. Kanha says we will play more big game than this and tells that they will play game for Gokul people’s betterment. He laughs.

Asti waits for Kans to return. Prapti tells that Maharaj’s welcome shall be done grandly. She tells Asti that she shall help in the arrangements to welcome him. Asti says no news came from him and hopes he is fine. She says whoever Maharaj has sent, haven’t returned. She says I pray that Maharaj shall return safely.

Kanha and other kids have butter. Yashoda asks Madhumangal, why his Daddy left suddenly and asks why you didn’t tell me that she is leaving. Madhu is eating butter. The ladies come there and say you are sitting here. They ask Subal, Vrinda and Sudama to come home. Yashoda says I have sent message to you all. The ladies apologize for their behavior. Yashoda says I understand mothers’ love for their children. The lady says they shall stop eating butter, and hangs the butter pot. Sudama asks we want more. The lady/his mother tells that it is enough for today. Yashoda and other ladies get surprised. Sudama’s mother tells that they have to give tax to Kans and we have to live peacefully then we have to keep milk, curd and butter safe so as to give tax.

Prapti sees Kans returning to Palace and says Maharaj Kans ki Jai. She is about to apply tilak to his forehead. He moves away and turns his face. Prapti says this means…Asti asks are you fine? Did you get any injury. Kans pushes her down and says he has injury somewhere else. Prapti says you are yourself responsible for your defeat and asks him to accept that he couldn’t kill that boy. She says I was always with you and you have returned Mathura defeated. She tells Asti that she shall return home, and says nobody can stop me from going to my father’s house. She throws the aarti plate and goes from there. Kans shouts angryly.

Madhumangal says it seems this was the last pot. Vrinda says once she grows up, she will play his band. Subal says I will take you to Kans Palace. Kanha says we shall eat butter now and gets the pot down with the magic. Balram says we shall eat first and then..Subal says how did it come here? Balram says with its legs and asks them to have butter. Kanha asks Sudama to eat and applies on his nose. Vrinda says we have to think. Kanha says I am thinking. Vrinda asks why is he looking at kanha? Balram says Kanha is making an idea and will tell us. Vrinda says lets see. Madhumangal checks the pot and says it is over. Kanha says Dao. Balram says now he will tell the plan. Kanha puts his hand in the butter pot and gets it with twisted finger. Balram explains. Sudama says Maa says this for ghee. Balram says if we can, we can play Kans band, and shall search where did Gokul resident keep the butter? Kanha says you said right. They think to know the place and hold each other’s hands.

Precap: Balram tells Kanha that they don’t have time, they have to steal butter today. Kans thinks to make Gokul resident yearn for butter. The kids steal the butter pots. Soldiers come there and are about to break the door. Kansas laughs.

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