Kans’ soldiers come to collect tax from Gokul residents

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The Episode starts with Sudama saying that Narayan has saved us. Balram asks why did you go there? He says we went behind the thieves. Vrinda says we didn’t go there to steal. Balram says the guards were behind the thieves. Sudama says they were behind us. Yashoda comes inside and sees the kids, ask when did all come here? Nand asks Yashoda if the thieves come here? Yashoda says there are just kids here. They see the kids inside. The guards tell that they shall increase the security of the storehouse. Yashoda says your theft is caught and says you all haven’t told in your homes, that you have come here. She says I will not scold you this time, but not next time. She says I will send message to your parents that you will stay here tonight. She says don’t know about the thieves, we shall be careful. They nod their head. Yashoda goes. Kanha asks Balram if he knows about the thieves. Balram says so you all were the thieves. Vrinda says we didn’t go there to steal, but guards caught us. Kanha says we have to go there and rob. Balram says baba has increased the security. Kanha asks if he don’t know what they can do.

Kans thinks about Devi Parvati’s warning and finds his reflection to be of the woman. Akroor comes there and says whatever happened there. Kans says nobody shall know. He gets up and says I will do something, that Gokul residents will give that boy to me. He asks him to send the soldiers with a message asking them to give double tax, if they fail to pay now.

Yashoda asks Nand to take care of himself and offers milk. He says we have to give tax to Kans, we can’t drink milk. She asks him to drink. He refuses. Rohini asks Nand to have some fruits. He refuses. Kanha comes there and laughs. He signs him to drink. Nand says I will drink and asks Kanha to drink. They drink the milk. Yashoda claps as Kanha finishes the milk. She says Kanha likes milk very much. Nand says I am ready to go now and shall find out about the thieves. Yashoda asks when Panchayat will be seated.

Balram tells Kanha that Nand baba wants to catch our team. He says Kans shall not get anything from our storehouse. Kanha says lets go there, others might have reached there. Yashoda stops them. She says I will bring ghee to massage Kanha. Balram says today you will be trapped in the massage, now it is your turn. Kanha says you are still small. Balram says we shall elope. Kanha says I want to get the massage done. He asks him to go and says I will come. Yashoda comes out and sees Kanha on the red cloth. She massages him. Kanha smiles and enjoys the massage. Nand comes there and says so he is enjoying.

Kans’ soldiers come to Gokul and asks them to give the tax today itself else have to pay the double. The people go to call Nand. Subal tells Balram that they plan will be unsuccessful. Balram thinks what they shall do. Kanha likes the massage. Balram says we shall wait for Kanha to come. He thinks come fast. Kanha makes the keys fall down from Nand’s pocket. Nand asks how is this possible? The guard says we have to give double tax tomorrow. Yashoda says atleast we have enough tax to pay. Rohini says the kids are deprived of milk and butter. Sudama says we shall go back and see Kanha. Balram says lets call him. Yashoda asks kanha to sit on other cloth. He says do more massage. Yashoda does his massage more. The kids come there and see Kanha getting massage from Yashoda. Surya Dev greets Kanha as the sunrays falls on him. Kanha thinks Dao is angry, I have to handle the situation. Nand asks the soldier, you came to get the tax before. Soldier says they want tax today. Nand asks them to come. Balram says Baba might have reached there. They come to the storehouse and gets inside. Kanha says he got the keys. Balram says Baba and Kans soldiers have come.

Precap: Yashoda and Nand tell that the thief have done wrong. Nand says I will search the thief. Balram says we have to tell the truth to Baba. Kanha says I will make everything fine by morning, else tell everyone that I have done the theft.

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