Karan accuses Diya of taking drugs

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Scene 1
Karan says you can still go back. Diya says I am not here to go back and my fitness test will answer you. Arjun stands outside the academy. Raghu kaka comes. Arjun says sorry kaka. Karan fired you because of me. He says I don’t feel bad about it. If I were inside, I could help him. This is Shukla, he will be inside. If you need to talk to Diya or anything call him. Arjun shows him Diya’s photo. He says I will handle things inside. Arjun says I am really worried. Karan would do anything to get Diya in trouble.

The blood tests start. The players get in line for blood test. A player shoves Diya and says welcome to hell. Meeting you after a while. Diya ignores her and stands in line. Dr. Sen is there. Diya gets her fitness test done. Karan looks at her. Dr. Sen takes his blood. Diya calls Arjun and says I just gave my blood samples. Arjun says is everything okay? Diya says I met Karan. He tried to provoke me but I am prepared for it. Arjun says you only focus on your work. He will keep trying to provoke you. The player looks at her and says no one can save you.

Scene 2
Karan asks Dr. Sen and says you don’t need to have a burden on you conscience. There will be positive drug report for Diya naturally. You just have to sign it. She will get famous. Tina calls Karan and says why isn’t the news there? He says press is here. Once the reports are out, it will be on the news. Tina says for now I am going to charity event to pretend to be good.

Love comes to Amitabh and tells him about the meetings. He says papa are you tensed about what happened in the morning? He says I don’t want to talk about it. Amitabh says the more Diya gets into badminton the closer she will come to the truth. If anyone finds out, my name, family and business everything would be ruined. It’s all tied to badminton. No one should know this secret.

Scene 3
The lab incharge comes to Dr. Sen and says blood reports are here. Please sign. He says what will Karan get by ruining that girl’s career. He sees the reports and is shocked. A player asks when will our results be out? Diya is worried. She says I hope everything is fine. Dr. Sen comes to Karan and gives him the report. He says the smell of this envelope shows it’s exactly how we planned. He says start the press conference. Karan says there will be darkness, allegations and noise again in your life

The manager says to the players Karan has called you all for the press conference. Diya says but we have to go for fitness test. He says Karan has asked you all to come for conference. Dr. Sen comes out. He sees Arjun and turns away. Arjun calls Diya.

Scene 4
Depika says to Madhuri Diya waited outside your room before leaving. she wanted to take your blessings. Madhuri says did she reach the camp? Depika says yes. Madhuri says I am really worried for Diya. Karan will be there. I hope he doesn’t ruin her life like Arjun’s. I hope she’s safe. I don’t know how will her 7 days in the camp be. Niharika says you will see soon.

Scene 5
Karan says welcome everyone. You all must be thinking why I called a press conference. You all know how we have given this country star players to be proud of. But some people use shortcuts. They try to use drugs to get where a talented player should have been. And on such person is here between us today. Everyone is shocked. He says these are blood samples. And that person has drugs found in her blood. She must have taken it to boost her game. You all want to know her name right? This player has borken the rules and embarrassed this country and badminton. Eveyrone asks who that person is? Arjun says her name is Diya Agarwal. Everyone is shocked. THe reporters ask Diya is this true? Did you take drugs like your husband? Why did you take the drugs? Diya says please quiet. She’s confused. Diya says I didn’t take any drugs. This is a lie. Karan says so these reports are a lie. Diya says I know it’s your plan. You did the same with Arjun. Karan says yes your husband took drugs 5 years ago. People who are not talented take drugs. Neither Arjun nor you had talent. Here are her blood reports. Karan says let me show it to everyone. He opens the reports and says get is published in the news papers so no other contestant does it again.

Arjun tries to call Diya. A guy comes to Arjun and says a man met an accident. Please help. Karan sees the report, it’s negative. He says how is it possible. How can it be negative. The media asks for the report. Karan says Niharika said she added drugs. Karan says I am sorry. The reporters ask what does it say? Please show. It’s a huge allegation. Karan says in heart Dr. Sen lied to me? How dare he. He says Diya’s reports are negative. Our professional made a mistake. I am sorry. The reporter says how were you accusing Diya without any proof? Did someone ask you to do it? Karan says our team made a mistake. I am sorry. He leaves. The reporters ask Diya what will she say about it? Diya says what you see isnt always true. My husband Arjun was also accused this way. Karan falsely accused him and got him banned. Today his trick fell on him. The reporter says but Karan had proofs 5 years ago. Diya says looking like truth and being true are two different things.

Episode ends

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