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Scene 1
Mahadji says this is destiny. We have to accept it. You both should start preparing for her wedding. We are paying for the sin of our son Balajoshi and this is our punishment. Shuibai cry. Ramchandar says this isnt right. Why is baba doing this. If Kashi doesn’t like Baji why is he forcing her. Krishna says baji is the best. He says aren’t you worried for your sister? Mahadji says you don’t need to worry. Prepare for the wedding. Shuibai says he won’t listen. Bhavani says he’s never forced us for anything. why is he doing this? This will make Kashi’s life very difficult.

Scene 2
Balajoshi’s man comes and tells him Kashi’s wedding is finalized with Baji Rao. He’s shocked. His friend says he might be enemy but your sister is marrying a fighter, that’s a good thing. Your sister has a good guy. Balajoshi stands him. He says Radha saved my life, instead of taking me to Chaskaman, she took me to Saswad. She played a game and used me. And you’re appreciating her? Never show me your face again. He asks his man to go and meet Shuibai and Bhavani. He says ask them to meet me at the temple. He says I know they’re not happy either.

The man tells Bhavani Balarao wants to meet at the temple. Bhavnai says he works for Rani sahhiba. We can’t meet him without telling Mahadji. Shuibai says he’s our son. We can’t take his to meet his mothers. He might have gotten news of Kashi’s wedding and Radha’s plan. We should meet him. She tells the man to tell him they will come.

Scene 3
Mahadji asks pandit jit to find a good day. Pandit ji says there is a good day in 15 days. Mahadji asks his servant to ask Bhavani to get shagun ready.

Radha gets shagun ready at her place. She says Baji I don’t like to see you sad. Trust your parents. He says I am sad and let me be. Balaji says do it as your duty. You do it as pride. I don’t to see this saddness on your face now.

Shuibai says regime, these rules can stop Mahadji but not you and me. Nothing can stop a mother. We have to find a way. Kashi’s life would be ruined. Bhavani says if Mahadji finds out we met Balarao he will be very mad at us. Shuibai says we love Kashi more than our life. We can risk it for her. No matter what happens to me, Kashi’s life should be saved. Mahadji says to Ramchandar you will take the shagun. You’re the elder son of this house. The one who had to do all this became a traitor. He asks Krishna to bring Kashi to the shagun. Mahadji asks Shaama to bring Bhavani and Shuibai. She says they went to the temple. He says I should also go, I also need the blessings.

Scene 4
Bhavani and Shuibai come to the temple. Balajoshi isnt there. Bhavani says let’s go back. If Mahadji finds out he will be very mad. Balajoshi comes there and says don’t be scared. Baji will become your BIL and Kashi’s life would be ruined. You will have to bow down to Radha. Bhavani says you in this condition? He is disguised as a woman. He says I had to come here. I found about the news. I know you don’t want this. Bhavani says your dad isn’t listening. He says there’s no time left. Bring Kashi to you. You all should come to me. I live on Rani’s area. Shahu, Balaji and baba can’t do anything. She says but it’s a huge step. This isn’t good. He says you have to take this step. Bhavnai says running from the house. He says you have to do it for your daughter. Bhavani says he’s right. I will do it to save Kashi. I can’t her let her be Radha’s pawn. Tell me what to do. He says bring Kashi to me. We will take you across the lake. no one can do anything then.

Mahadji comes there. Balajoshi hides his face. He says you all came here? Bhavani says we were upset so we came here for peace. He says you will get the peace once you accept this wedding. Let’s go now. They leave.

Scene 5
Radha starts the haldi. The women prepare haldi for Baji. They say love’s color would come to Kashi.

Bhavani says to Shuibai we won’t do this. Mahadji can give his life for Shahu. we can’t risk his name and respect like this. Shuibai says he didn’t want to do this wedding to. His hands are tied in front of Shahu but ours aren’t. He might be happy that we had courage to take stand. We have to be there for our daughter. Bhavani says you are right. We can’t do such a big sin. Shuibai says we are going to our son. WE have to do this for our daughter. He loves Kashi the most. He never wanted Kashi to marry a fighter too. Mahadji comes and says what are you both doing here? Get Kashi ready for the ritual.

Kashi says to Krishna and Ramchandar go from here. I won’t do any ritual. Ramchand says baba must have thought something before saying saying. Nothing can be done now. Bhavani and Shuibai come there. Kashi says you both are also taking his side. Bhavani says we are against this wedding. Your Shuibai has planned something. That way we can stop your wedding with Baji. Kashi says what plan?

Scene 6
Bhavani and Shuibai run with Kashi. Kashi says where are we going? Shuibai says away from Baji. We don’t have time. Do you want to get Baji’s haldi on you? Kashi says how can we run without telling baba?

Baji’s Haldi starts. The women take Kashi’s name and start the haldi. Baji is angry. Bhavani says Mahadji wants to do it. But we have to stop it. Kashi says my feet are hurting. Bhavani says we have to cross the lake. Kashi says why? Shuibai says your brother Bala is waiting for us there. Kashi says baba is mad at him. He will be mad. Let’s go home. Shuibai says he’s your brother. Your dad can’t be mad. Bhavani says I wanna go home. Shuibai says let’s go. Some goons come there. Bhavani screams for Bala. He says this is aai’s voice The goons kidnap them. Bala tries to find them.

Episode ends

Precap-Kashi is kidnapped. Mahadji says to Bhavani and Shuibai left with Kashi. It happened because of you. He slaps BalaJoshi. Baji says to Balaji you told me to this wedding as duty and as per duty I should save Kashi before you.

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