Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha gets Kashi attacked

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Scene 1
An arrow hits Kashibai but misses it. Kashi screams. Mahad and everyone run to her. Tai says are you okay? Mahad says this was a warning. He reads on the arrow this is a warning. If you don’t listen to us, the next target would be your Kashi. Bring the money where we ask you. Wait for the next clue, your well wisher. Kashi says who is it? Who wants to blackmail baba. Mahadji says I feel like making friends with Balaji got me a lot of enemies. Tai says you should end your friendship with him.

Scene 2
Balaji and everyone is on the way back. Balaji says I need to go there. Baji, you take everyone home. A man comes there. The warriors stop him. He says Balaji asked me to get the flowers. Radha says let him in. she asks him was the task done? She says yes done. Radha says I will tell you the next task soon. Radha says when the fire is in your home, you can’t sleep. When the threat comes to you, you will realize why the regime needs to be protect. This arrow will tell you how important this regime is. She planned it.

Mahadji says we cna’t do anything until we find out who did the attack. Tai says but we have to protect Kashi. He says I have increased the guards. Kashi comes to them and says I want to eat with you all. Mahad says we are not hungry. Shuibai says baba is very worried. Please eat. Mahad says how much money do they want? And what’s the guarantee that they would stop? Kashi brings her jewelry. She says if you’re worried, why can’t I be worried for you? Give him my everything. He says we will give you everything. My real happiness is you. She says if you’re worried, I can’t be happy. They hug her.

Scene 3
Baji, Radha and everyone come home. Radha says I won’t eat. She recalls her insult. Radha comes in. Her maid says after serving you for so many years, I can read your heart. She massages her shoulders and says Mahadji has denied giving the money right? and Balaji has gone to tell Maharaj the same thing?

Balaji comes to Shahu Maharaj. Shahu Maharaj is told how robbers are taking over the regime. Balaji comes in to meet him. Radha says he tried but he couldn’t convince them. Balaji tells Maharaj. He says I couldn’t succeed. MAhadji said no. Maharaj says I gave you this responsibility. He says I tried but Mahadji said he can’t do it. Maharaj says this was your task. Balaji says can you talk to him?

Mai says you must not have come empty handed. Radha says I tried but I couldn’t succeed. Then I did what I couldn’t. I scared Mahadji. Maharaj says seeing your wisdom and bravery I gave you this task but you couldn’t do it. I am giving you one more week, otherwise I will give the army’s lead’s responsibility to someone else. Mai says to Radha give Mahadji time if you’ve scared him. Radha says I will wait.

Scene 4
Baji is on his horse. He comes to a temple and prays. Baji meets guru ji. He says I went to Chaskaman. He asks how was it? Baji says was good, but people were weird. He recalls Kashi. Guru ji says let me fly these flowers and you throw an arrow at them. Baji misses thew first one.

Kashi’s guru ji asks Kashi how many women did Ghaghar? Kashi’s brother says 4 and a half. Kashi was half. Her ghaghar was broken. He laughs. Guruji asks what is he saying? Kashi says let me tell him. Guru ji asks Baji to try again. He recalls Kashi making fun of him. He misses another fruit. Guru ji says where is your focus? If you keep thinking about people how will you focus? Baji says I met a stubborn and spoiled girl. My focus is going there.

Kashi says an enemy broke my pot. And Krishnu is making fun of it. Baji’s guru ji says don’t focus on things that are not related to your mission. You can’t think about it if you wanna fight. Guru ji says to Kashi, in wars, people have to use anything. Kashi focuses on the fruit and hits it this time. Kashi says he didn’t have a mind, just power.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kashi says I didn’t want to meet him but didn’t know I would have to meet him and at his place. Radha says don’t say that. Kashi has hiccups. Her brother says Baji must be missing you. Kashi’s guru tells her books can fight the sword. Kashi comes to Radha’s house. She says we welcome girls by stamping their feet on our floor. Baji says I am doing this for maa otherwise I won’t. Kashi puts a leaf in his mouth.

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